War Profiteering



The first blog post I did over four years ago at The Washington Note had to do with the subject of war profiteering and players in the national security establishment that were making money from defense contractors while also serving as so-called “objective” commentators on the war, weapons systems, and the like.

In New York? See the “Joe Stiglitz Movie” at Lincoln Center Wednesday, 12/3



Joseph Stiglitz is an economist I wish Barack Obama would spend some more time with. I can’t attend this one time only showing of Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz but I would if in New York. I’ll be on a plane to Brussels. Hope some of you can make it and report back.

Michiko Kakutani Lists “America & The World” with Brzezinski, Scowcroft, and Ignatius in her TOP TEN



Hot damn! I am very excited today. A book, America and the World: Conversations on the Future of American Foreign Policy that I was very involved in helping to hatch made it to Michiko Kakutani’s top 10 list for books from 2008.

Can Turkey Really Help Solve the Iran Nuclear Problem?



Turkey’s unique position as a NATO member and a Middle Eastern, Muslim nation with close ties to Iran would seem to make the country an ideal candidate to help solve the simmering conflict surrounding the Islamic Republic’s controversial nuclear energy program.