A Constructive “New Social Contract” with Joe Lieberman



Last night, I had a round with the smartest anchor on air, Rachel Maddow, about Joe Lieberman and what his future in the Senate could look like. I have heard Joe Lieberman state on many occasions that “our children’s education is a national security issue.

G20 Should Focus on Solutions, Without Obama



Imagine your country is suffering from the worst financial crisis in nearly a century (as in the UK) or that your export market is collapsing along with the promise of prosperity you’ve made to hundreds of millions of peasants (as in China).

PNAC is BACK? McCain’s Neocons May be Breathing Life Back into the Organization



This is interesting. The Project for a New American Century — the lilly pad for the neoconservative movement — is back online. For nearly a year, perhaps more, the site has been down. No one seems to have paid the bill to the internet site host. But it’s back up.

Remove Lieberman from ALL Domestic Security and National Security Roles



Joe Lieberman wants to keep his status and committees and caucus with the Democrats. He has been a fear-monger and someone who has promoted a dangerous, reckless false choice between American relations with Israel and other parts of the Middle East.