America’s Choice: The Google Way or Xerox Way?



Today, Google CEO Eric Schmidt who is also Chairman of the Board of Directors at the New America Foundation (where I work) will give a speech and answer questions at an event organized by my organization and which I will stream live here at The Washington Note from 1:00 pm til 2:30 pm EST.

Audacity of Hope: Chapter II



Congratulations to Cem Oezdemir who has been elected co-chairman of the German Green Party. It’s the party’s top political post. His victory makes him the highest-ranking German politician of Turkish descent. Turkish immigrants and their descendants number more than 2.5 million and make up 3% of Germany’s total population.

‘Renegade’ and ‘Renaissance’. . .Better Than ‘Maverick’ and ‘Medieval’



Los Angeles Times correspondent P.J. Huffstutter has pool reporter duty today and sent in this gem. . . However, your pool reporter did spot something sort of charming in today’s Chicago Sun-Times: According to gossip Michael Sneed, Obama’s new Secret Service name is “Renegade.” Mrs. Obama’s is reportedly “Renaissance.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?



Four days ago I published and then quickly “unpublished” this item on Hillary Clinton being in line for Secretary of State: I just received some surprising news — like, really surprising. The deal is not done — but at the moment — Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the lead to be Secretary of State.