Will Obama’s First Term Really Just be a Hybrid of Clinton III and GW Bush III?



There is a strong chance that Lawrence Summers is going to be returned to the post of Secretary of the Treasury. If so, he’s pulling a “Donald Rumsfeld” who served as Secretary of Defense twice — the first stint under Gerald Ford and then of course under George W. Bush.

Movement Left has Stroke: Rahm Emanuel Accepts Obama’s Chief of Staff Offer



Many in the movement left are having a heart attack that the first major move of President-elect Barack Obama is the appointment of Congressman Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. Emanuel has accepted. I preferred Senator Tom Daschle for the job.

Shame on Howard Ahmanson: California Voters Approve Gay Marriage Ban



(Interior of San Francisco City Hall where many gay — and straight — marriages are conducted) I knew Caroline Leonetti Ahmanson quite well when I lived in Los Angeles and frequently drove her home from parties to her swank penthouse apartments in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. She was the stepmother of Howard F. Ahmanson Jr….

Seen Yesterday On a Handmade Sign in West Philly



Rosa had to sit so Martin could walk, Martin had to walk so Barack could run, Barack had to run so our children can fly. I have little to add. Hopefully, President-elect Obama will select a team that can meet the promise of his inspirational campaign and thoughtful policies.