Shame on Howard Ahmanson: California Voters Approve Gay Marriage Ban


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(Interior of San Francisco City Hall where many gay — and straight — marriages are conducted)
I knew Caroline Leonetti Ahmanson quite well when I lived in Los Angeles and frequently drove her home from parties to her swank penthouse apartments in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. She was the stepmother of Howard F. Ahmanson Jr. who has been one of the principal funders of California’s Proposition 8 assault on same sex marriage.
Caroline Ahmanson was a values militant in helping to expose people to arts and literature. She funded the “Medici Awards” of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce — which were incredible gala affairs noting distinctive accomplishments in the many different dimensions of the arts.
She’d be appalled by the divisiveness of her son’s campaign, and I know she’d say “Shame on you” if she were around to see how he has thrown California backwards and help reestablished a foundation of bigotry and discrimination in the state.
Shame on you Howard Ahmanson.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Shame on Howard Ahmanson: California Voters Approve Gay Marriage Ban

  1. Bob says:

    You people that are all about homosexual behavior in this country need to know one thing. Our country was founded on Christian beliefs. Homosexuality is a lust satanic based sickness. To willingly stick a penis into the colon of another man is that of Sodom of Gommorah. And we all know what happened to that area. We shouldn’t test God with our own filthy desires over him. And marriage has always been between a man and a woman. I am highly offended that you would want to drag marriage through the pagan stench of satans lust. Shame on you Steve Clemons.
    My advice to you is to bow before Jesus and confess your sins. Ask him to forgive your stubborness and evil thoughts. Join with Jesus because after you die you won’t have that chance.


  2. Joseph Loving says:

    Dear Steve–sorry jest now reading your comment on Howard Ahmanson JR.–FYI Howie JR was not Caroline’s son but a stepson from Howard Sr.s first marriage-( don’t blame Mrs.A for this FREAK)-I was very close to her , he was frankly looked on, by the family as”not right”-he has battled mental illness all of his life-had questionble relationships with wierd right wing Christain groups who lach on to this poor bastard and work him to get to his fathers money- unfortunely, a great deal of Howard Ahmansons Sr.s money funds Howard Jr.s and his opportunist wife’s ventures,–the guy has Turrets syndrome,so badly that he can’t even talk–for Christ sake–so he’s living his own Hell–the real story is to find out who is behind him directing his spending? some evil people out their –Caroline would have their heads! I miss her–


  3. WigWag says:

    One small piece of good news on the tolerence front, is that Jared Schutz Polis, a Democrat, made history on Tuesday by being the first openly gay non-incumbent male elected to the United States Congress. Polis will represent Colorado’s 2nd District.


  4. dafletcha says:

    As Californian, I’m ashamed of this result. Apparently, people here are more concerned about “fair” treatment for animals destined for our food supply (prop 2) than for gay human beings (prop 8).


  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    Is this thing retroactive and will your marriage be nullified?


  6. WigWag says:

    As I am sure you know, Steve, the Ahmanson family has always been one of the most reactionary families in California. Their bank holding company was merged into the now notorious Washington Mutual. Expecting Howard Ahmanson to support gay rights is like expecting a zebra to change his stripes.
    Ironically, it appears to be African American voters registered by Senator Obama, who voted disproportionately for Proposition 8. The Los Angeles Times Reported this morning that according to exit polls “the proposition was trailing among white voters, but was ahead among black voters. Latino voters were very closely divided.”
    Kind of ironic don’t you think, that Obama voters helped push Proposition 8 over the top?
    Homophobia in the African American community may or may not be any more prevalent than in other communities, but it is rarely commented on.
    And we all know what President-Elect Obama and the DNC did to defeat Proposition 8. That would be nothing.
    Not a very auspicious beginning for a candidate who insists there is “no gay America or straight America… just a United States of America.”


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