Looking Tough and Cool but Probably Burns a Lot of Fuel: The Obamamobile?



is that Obama’s new presidential car, the Obamamobile, will look something like this.
Looks like a fun, tough tank of a limo. Whatever it takes to protect him is fine with me — but bet this gas hog will put a dent in Greenland ice.
— Steve Clemons


17 comments on “Looking Tough and Cool but Probably Burns a Lot of Fuel: The Obamamobile?

  1. Wendy Davis says:

    The final blow to the U.S. and the world would be to lose the prez because of a lunatic from the fringe.


  2. wendy davis says:

    That’s pretty snotty, there, steve clemmons, given all the death threats the president-elect has received to date. Maybe you want him to go around in a hyundai?


  3. Jack Eames says:

    I hope this is a joke. He’ll get laughed out of the next G8.


  4. arthurdecco says:

    Destroying the Big three isn’t about closing the companies, POA. It’s as always – it’s about destroying their financial value so that the stock can be bought up cheaply by those with the funds to do so, transferring ownership to those responsible for destroying the stock values of the companies. It’s just business as usual.
    BTW, parts will continue to be readily available. (I read somewhere that to build a car from parts would cost 10 times what it cost for the car off the dealer’s lot. Can anyone confirm that impression? If it’s true that’s a large incentive for the tooling to remain productive.)


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    And considering this is a thread about cars, I find it interesting that the media is ignoring the fact that a huge segment of our population is actually driving to work in vehicles made by the big three.
    Why is no one asking what happens to parts availability, service, and warranties if we abandon the Big Three? I hear about job loss, but I have heard NOTHING about where I will get a new black box for my work truck if it gives out two years down the road, after the parts inventory has been depleted from a bankrupt company. Are we to suppose we will just park a few million automobiles and trucks because a shortage of parts has made them unserviceable?


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    As a child, I used to cherish the plastic “Crashmobiles”. They were small plastic cars that had a number of components that snapped together loosely, and when you rolled the car into a stationary object, the parts would fly asunder in total destruction. The car in the photo, with its various colored planes, reminds me strongly of those 50’s toys.
    It was a time of security for the nation’s kids, the economy was growing and technology was progressing. Little did we know the lying pieces of shit in Washington would soon have us diving under our school desks in terror of being incinerated. It seems all humanity can do is wage war, threaten war, or cause war. Its a shame we can’t hand these bastards like Cheney, Ohlmert, Putin, Obama, and Saddam machetes, and have them hack out their differences sans the people’s involvement.
    It appears Obama will continue the age old leadership tradition of making war. Either that, or risk a mutiny from the bloodthirsty ogres he’s surrounding himself with.


  7. Paul Norheim says:

    I think Hugo Chavez immediately understood why they had to get
    a new car for the next president. This has absolutely nothing to
    do with unpleasant surprises from the outside.


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “What’s wrong with the previous limo? Couldn’t have that many miles on it and it should clean up well”
    Doubtful. The stench is undoubtedly overpowering.


  9. YY says:

    What’s wrong with the previous limo? Couldn’t have that many miles on it and it should clean up well.


  10. Bartolo says:

    Sad, but as Todd suggests, he needs to be protected with a vehicle like that.


  11. Jeff says:

    I would prefer to call it the ‘Hopemobile’


  12. ToddinHB says:

    If you’ve never been in the Presidential Limo, then you have no idea how heavily armored it is. No, I wasn’t a guest of the White House, but I do know Secret Service personnel and got to test out the seating in the limo. When I opened the door, it felt like I was opening the safe at Fort Knox.


  13. judyo says:

    Tesla ??


  14. Wayne says:

    Ugh! I was sort of hoping he would order a Ford Escape Hybrid with heavy-duty armor.


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