Annie on the Lake


annie on the lake.jpg
This is Annie, Oakley’s little sister, at a thoughtful moment.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “Annie on the Lake

  1. jonst says:

    Thank you Steve, for taking the time to respond. Very kind of you.


  2. liz says:

    Thanks Steve, I had to scroll down for my fill of pup…. Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Steve Clemons says:

    jonst — yes, I think Weimaraners get along well with other dogs if they are acculturated together…particularly when they are pups. Older Weimaraners often have problems of skittishness with people and other pets they don’t know at the beginning if they haven’t been regularly, consistently exposed to other dogs. If you see the movie “Best in Show”, you’ll see what I mean about the Weimaraner in that film. But essentially, most dogs will work things out if you set a good tone.


  4. jonst says:

    I know I am asking for a generalization but, in general, how do Weimaraners get along with other dogs? Including dogs that already live in a household that you want to bring the Weimaraner into?


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