Iraq Debate Moving to Higher Ground?



I’m assuming most TWN readers have seen this before: Iraq is and will continue to be about 90 percent of the foreign policy conversation in this campaign (still not happy about that). And right now, much of the Iraq debate has revolved around redeployment details: who, how many, how fast, etc.

Syrian Nukes Pixel Drama?



As if the mysteries surrounding Israel’s raid on an alleged Syrian nuclear facility and subsequent revelations about North Korean complicity in a reported cash-for-reactor deal were not cloak-and-dagger enough, Chris Nelson – the uber insider political newsletter scribe behind The Nelson Report and whose contacts in the national security establishment are stellar – reports the…

Note to People Meeting with the Candidates. . .



All around the country, there are people meeting with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain in cafes, meeting halls, churches, community colleges, and private homes. Occasionally, the media really press them to answer hard questions — and other times not.

View From Your Window: The Willow is Gone



A very smart senior policy advisor to one of the three extant presidential campaigns just sent in this picture of Larry’s Lounge, a dive on the corner of 17th and R Streets in Dupont Circle. I used to hang out there until they spruced up the place and got plastic menus.

Japan’s Political Scene: By-Election Today



This is a guest post on Japan’s political scene by Mindy Kotler, Director of Asia Policy Point in Washington, D.C. Originally, TWN posted a pre-version of this piece that has since been adjusted. Kotler’s prediction about Sunday’s election outcome was dead on target.

Matt Yglesias in Book Length


Having attended the launch for Matt Yglesias’s new book on foreign policy on Friday, I might have to break a rule of mine. I might have to read a book whose thesis I fundamentally agree with. I made that rule after reading Jared Diamond’s Collapse a few years ago.