My View on the Street: Stalking Tom Edsall


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I’ve been bumping into Huffington Post political editor Thomas Edsall in a number of places lately – including in long AMTRAK Acela train lines when traveling from New York to DC and then today at Harvard Square. He’s always unassuming, enjoying the scene, and usually passes off some delectable political tidbit — and did so today (but it’s a secret).
Edsall was standing in front of “Charlie’s Kitchen” reminiscing about the days when he would hang out there a few decades ago and would be able to pick up a couple of beers and burgers for one buck.
So, I thought it was a Kodak LG Verizon cell phone camera moment. Now at Logan preparing to fly home.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “My View on the Street: Stalking Tom Edsall

  1. Veritas78 says:

    I’ve been eating at Charlie’s Kitchen for thirty years and you could never get a couple of burgers and a beer for a buck. Maybe back in 1948.
    That said, they have the best fish & chips in the Square. And Helen still sometimes waitresses there.


  2. leo says:

    I agree with Jon, twin lobster rolls with fries — $10! Now that’s a deal.


  3. Don Bacon says:

    That pixie smile doesn’t fool me — look at the trench-coat.


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    You mean he doesn’t run around spray painting “F U Hillary!” on every public posting place available?
    Oh, he only does that online.


  5. jon says:

    Charlie’s Kitchen is still the best value proposition in the Square.
    Good tap list too. And a great selection on the juke box. I don’t
    think that there’s any proof to the rumor that it is detrimental to
    reasoned policy debate. It’s going to take a lot of cheeseburgers to
    be certain, though…
    Hope your talk went well, Steve.


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