View From Your Window: The Willow is Gone


larry's lounge.jpg
A very smart senior policy advisor to one of the three extant presidential campaigns just sent in this picture of Larry’s Lounge, a dive on the corner of 17th and R Streets in Dupont Circle. I used to hang out there until they spruced up the place and got plastic menus.
I sat there once when during a bad storm the branch of a huge weeping willow tree broke off and came through the bar’s window. They trimmed the tree back and made it look respectable, but even that has now been removed in favor of a salmon pink patio.
Metaphorically, this picture and the history of this bar represent a lot about my own misgivings about the elevation of veneer over substance. I’ll miss that willow tree.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “View From Your Window: The Willow is Gone

  1. Larry's ex-employee says:

    The tree was actually blown over by some strong winds when we had that storm blow through earlier this spring. Once the tree was down the owners decided to finally do something about the mosquito problem and pave that patch of mud.


  2. Roger says:

    Definitely not green…


  3. Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi says:

    The poor willows symbolising the changing pulchritude of nature, and also leaving the message to the dividing humanity of today to do something postive to render this moratl life as immortal.


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