Note to People Meeting with the Candidates. . .


All around the country, there are people meeting with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain in cafes, meeting halls, churches, community colleges, and private homes. Occasionally, the media really press them to answer hard questions — and other times not.
But some of you can ask them questions and report back to bloggers or other writers ‘exactly’ what the response was. Some of you can catch these exchanges with a flip video recorder and send the files our way.
Now and again, I’m going to post some questions that TWN readers would love to hear the candidates respond to. If these questions match your own, give it a go — and ask Hillary, Barack, or John McCain the question and get back to us.

Question One: Specifically, which powers of the Presidency that the Bush administration has acquired for itself would you roll back and give up?

We really want to know. . .from all three.
Good luck.
— Steve Clemons


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