On and On and On it Goes



Hillary Clinton won by about 10 points tonight against Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, but you all know that. From Indiana, Barack Obama just said, “she ran a terrific race.” My main point about this fascinating contest remains as sound as when I previously wrote it: neither side is vanquishing the other.

Joe Garcia’s Slick Slam of the Diaz-Balart Brothers



I really, really like this Joe Garcia political ad. Democrat Joe Garcia, himself a former and now reformed chief spear-carrier of the Cuban American National Foundation, is challenging Mario Diaz-Balart for Florida’s 25th district — and he’s making huge inroads.

SHORT TAKES: Carter, Philly Voting, Streisand Quits Israel Gig, Kissinger & McCain



The Washington Note is starting a new feature called “Short Takes” — small, semi-daily snippets of items our team finds interesting combined with occasional gossip and insider DC intrigue. CARTER’S PROGRESS? Jimmy Carter’s entrepreneurship has moved some Hamas leaders to offer Israel a ten-year truce.

Blogging at Columbus Circle: Candide’s Flawed Assault on Hope



I’ve been blogging and reading this morning at Columbus Circle in New York — and a TWN reader said hi to me at 7 a.m. there. It’s become a strange thing to run into people in parks, on the street, on planes who read this blog. I love it, but it’s still unusual.

Miliband, China, and the World Without the West



UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has begun to cultivate a reputation as a young, thoughtful, and charismatic diplomat amidst more seasoned but less dynamic peers. When he spoke to the Young Atlanticists two weeks ago in Bucharest, he seemed to enjoy playing to this persona.

More on China Blind Spots



I’ve been engaged in an interesting debate with New Republic Deputy Editor Richard Just about the Beijing Olympics and what posture America’s Commander-in-Chief should take regarding the games. Hillary Clinton has been nudging George W. Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies. Barack Obama reports that he is of “two minds on the issue.