Josh Tulkin, Terrorist?



(Josh Tulkin with Scott Paul outside a yurt near Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan. Photo Credit: Zoe Chafe) Josh Tulkin is a very close friend. He has dedicated his life to speaking for future generations and vulnerable populations threatened by climate change. He works tirelessly to make U.S. policies more responsive to folks who can’t stand up for themselves and reflective of our most treasured national values. As far as I’m concerned, any definition of “patriot” that excludes Josh — and other…

Google’s Eric Schmidt Backs Obama



Just saw this. Apparently, Schmidt is going to hit the trail for Obama despite his company’s relationship with the McCain campaign and a host of other Republican campaigns across the country. According to a well-placed source, the McCain folks are absolutely livid. Since Google’s pretty much the game in Internet search, it’s highly unlikely they’ll pull ads or substantially redirect ad money over some hurt feelings — but my guess is they’d like to very badly. — Scott Paul

Beaten to the Punch



I hinted I had something fun on Wednesday, but the folks at Opinio Juris and UN Dispatch put it out before I had the chance. Sarah Palin is a strong supporter of U.S. accession to the Law of the Sea Convention. She (or more likely someone on her staff with her full support) understands how the Convention works and how it will positively benefit Alaska and the U.S. Palin sent a letter to Sens. Stevens and Murkowski in 2007 proclaiming…

More on Bloomberg’s Proposed Term Limit Extension



Ronald Lauder, the driving force behind New Yorkers for Term Limits, says he opposes an amendment to the term limit laws to allow three terms. He says he only agreed to a one-time exception for this mayor at this moment. Of course, if term limits don’t apply in difficult circumstances or to excellent public servants (and I think we have both in the current situation), they serve no purpose whatsoever except to prevent bad to decent public servants from making…

When the Wheels Came Off



John McCain’s sudden 360 180 (sorry, rushed) on the Law of the Sea Convention has come up before here. Despite ten years of energetic support for U.S. accession to the Convention, things changed last October without any explanation. McCain attempted to justify this on principle, though it fell transparently flat. At least on immigration, he said (and I’m paraphrasing), the politics made me do it. Based on McCain’s long record of support for the Convention and the image below, a…

Mike Bloomberg: Two Great Terms is Enough



Mike Bloomberg has served city and country well over the past seven years. To mention just a few of his accomplishments with the city government: he has restored New York’s economy and sense of stability, cut crime, pushed growth and tourism into the outer boroughs, put the city on track to be a model of sustainability, encouraged common-sense solutions at the national level, and broke down some important partisan divides. Not bad for two terms. But two terms is enough….

Palin Invitation to Anti-Iran Rally Withdrawn



Make no mistake, this is the result of a grassroots campaign, though Hillary Clinton’s decision to withdraw herself in outrage surely played a major role. This action alert found its way to me through a few different channels. It got big. Chances are, this effort succeeded at least in part because most Jews are wary of her positions on hot button social issues. But this is significant for another reason: perhaps for the first time, an organized faction of the…

Cooling Down the Rhetoric Surrounding Arctic “Conflicts”



While I’m taking pot shots at traditional media outlets (see below), I’ll second this important post by Betsy Baker, which I found via TWN reader Caitlyn Antrim’s invaluable Ocean Law Daily. The writer apparently just returned from her trip on the Coast Guard Icebreaker Healy and was as dismayed as I was to read this New York Times editorial, which gives readers the impression that five hostile nations are staring down gun barrels at each other across the Arctic Circle….

Parity Run Amok: What Exactly is CNN Revealing About Joe Biden?



CNN aired a one-hour special called Sarah Palin Revealed last night. I don’t love the use of the word “revealed.” It’s clearly sensational. But given how much shocking information about the GOP vice presidential nominee has come out this week, and how many new questions have been raised, it’s really not worth complaining about. What is worth complaining about — or maybe laughing about — is that this program was immediately followed by an hour of Joe Biden Revealed. Really?…

Senate Defeatism Spreads to Ghana Climate Change Negotiations



I recently received a report from a delegate to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s latest talks in Accra, Ghana. The most high-profile of the conference topics was the evolution toward an agreement in Copenhagen next year that will set emissions targets for what is known as the “second commitment period.” The first commitment period, for which the Kyoto Protocol sets emissions targets, ends in 2012. The delegate I talked to is extremely dismayed by the current trend taking…