Google’s Eric Schmidt Backs Obama


Just saw this. Apparently, Schmidt is going to hit the trail for Obama despite his company’s relationship with the McCain campaign and a host of other Republican campaigns across the country. According to a well-placed source, the McCain folks are absolutely livid. Since Google’s pretty much the game in Internet search, it’s highly unlikely they’ll pull ads or substantially redirect ad money over some hurt feelings — but my guess is they’d like to very badly.
— Scott Paul


14 comments on “Google’s Eric Schmidt Backs Obama

  1. susanai says:

    I am an Aussie and I find FNC to be the most obnoxious thing out. When I see Rupert Murdoch I squirm and wish he would adopt an american accent. I am appalled that people can say such things about the Arab people – it happens here too. Bush sure has done a great job of bringing the world together! Not! It comes as no surprise that Schmidt would back Obama. I can’t vote but I sure as hell can barrack for Barack Obama and pray he is the next American President.


  2. vin murphy says:

    i am an aussie watching the elections in the usa and i have pay tv at times have watched fox news who say they are even handed this does not happen like this in australia they are so one sided its like watching a parody of anews service i wounder what people in usa think and where do they look for balance vin


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    PALM BEACH, Fla. – Democrat Barack Obama is bringing several GOP-leaning states he’s aiming to win together in one place. He’s holding a jobs summit Tuesday in economically precarious Florida, with participation by the governors of several states that went Republican four years ago and for which the Democratic presidential nominee is making a serious play this time around.
    Prescient, insightful, this is how you stay ahead of domestic policy and expand your voting base.


  4. Steve Hunt says:

    I was no doubt planning on LOADING UP on Goog Puts if it looked like McCain had a chance.


  5. John B. says:

    Actually fljim, that line is from Dante’s Inferno.


  6. Punchy says:

    TWN is staying neutral? Hope you’re happy with John Bolton as your SecState if/when McCain wins this. Way to help out.


  7. Mr.Murder says:

    Why mention a company that agrees to let China censor? The man behind the curtain is, well, a big behind.
    The West should sanction your firm and audit them. Whoops, there goes several hundred DOW points.


  8. fljim says:

    The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who in time of crisis cling to neutrality [or something like that]. -John Kennedy


  9. Scott Paul says:

    Oops! Sorry, Steve — you know I would NEVER bump the pups if I
    had seen them. Do pass along my apologies — I know TWN
    protocol well enough to know I crossed a line here.


  10. koreyel says:

    Staying neutral in not an option.
    Not with this dynamic:
    Sarah Palin + 72 year old cancer survivor
    The thought of this woman being president is why Powell and Buckley and Schmidt are coming across. More will. This is no time for true patriots to let party identification overtrump country. The prospects of Palin are truly harrowing. One dare not even imagine who her advisers might be…


  11. Bill R. says:

    I like this development. It’s good to have Google on your side, and to have the support of high tech sectors, who trend towards more progressive policies as a rule.


  12. Don Bacon says:

    If TWN is neutral how come it’s pushing puppy pics, an obvious promotion of Obama’s youth and an unsubtle slam at McCain’s advanced age. (:-)
    Also: Will Monday dog-blogging be a new feature of TWN, as Friday cat-blogging is for Kevin Drum? I hope so. It would be a regular, welcome relief from politics, no?


  13. Ben Rosengart says:

    Why is TWN remaining neutral? It seems clear to me that
    whatever your quarrels with Obama, his values (and those of his
    campaign) are closer to TWN’s than McCain’s are.
    Is it for political reasons?


  14. Steve Clemons says:

    Danger Will Robinson, danger. . .
    You knocked down my puppy pics below Scott.
    Glad you checked in.
    Eric Schmidt is the Chairman of the New America Foundation board of directors.
    But TWN is going to remain neutral through the race.


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