Beaten to the Punch


I hinted I had something fun on Wednesday, but the folks at Opinio Juris and UN Dispatch put it out before I had the chance. Sarah Palin is a strong supporter of U.S. accession to the Law of the Sea Convention. She (or more likely someone on her staff with her full support) understands how the Convention works and how it will positively benefit Alaska and the U.S.
Palin sent a letter to Sens. Stevens and Murkowski in 2007 proclaiming her unqualified support. The money quote:

However, as you know, ratification has been thwarted by a small group of senators concerned about the perceived loss of U.S. sovereignty. I believe quite the contrary is the case. If the U.S. does not ratify the convention, we will be denied access to the forum established by the international community to adjudicate claims to submerged lands in the arctic.

That’s something Senator McCain might have said not so long ago, but he won’t stand by what he knows is right for the Navy, business, the environment and the country’s national security. Will Gov. Palin?
— Scott Paul
Two Additional Notes: First, Palin has also apparently invested in mutual funds with holdings in companies that help the Sudanese government. She says she’ll divest. Second, a hearty congratulations to Martti Ahtisaari, a first-class peacemaker who has built bridges and trust for decades among groups facing a broad range of challenges. Bravo.


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  1. arthurdecco says:

    Upon further reflection, I’d like to amend my statement to include most of Congress, almost all of the Senate and certainly every member of the present administration in those who should be looking at prison – not power, as a reward for their criminal disservice to their country.


  2. arthurdecco says:

    “And 2012 is what many, if not most, Republicans have their eye on at this point.”
    I would think that in a Just World, prison walls would be what most Republican politicians would have their eye on at this point – not the delusional hope of regaining power in a country they have systematically dismantled and/or wilfully destroyed.


  3. brigid says:

    Since Sarah Palin has been in the Pentecostal Assembly of God Church most of her adult life, it is safe to say she has spoken in tongues, since that is an important aspect of their religious practice of being “slain in the Spirit.”
    I could care less about that. What I do care about is her abuse of power and lack of regard for the constitutional and legal limits of power to further a personal or ideological agenda. Her willingness to use govt. power to enact a personal agenda of revenge exposes a degree of grandiosity that is truly pathological and pushed her to do things that ruined the career of a good public servant (Monegan) and undermined her own governance. In the office of the presidency she would make Richard Nixon look like “Good Neighbor Sam.”
    From a political perspective what is interesting is how many in the Alaskan Republican party have been willing to push this investigation. She came to power over the political corpses of the corporatists in Alaska, using a power base of the religious right. That did not necessarily win her friends. Frank Murkowski is much more representative of the power base of the Republican Party in Alaska, and nothing would please them more than to see Palin go down in flames and be blamed for the McCain defeat. I suspect that a Mitt Romney is much more to their liking for 2012. And 2012 is what many, if not most, Republicans have their eye on at this point.


  4. CAROL says:

    I’m sure we have a lot more to hear about Sarah Palin and her exploits in Alaska….she is definately not as WHITE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW as she likes to portray herself.
    Sarah has been so busy trashing Sen Obama she has forgotten all he things she has done in her past which will now come back to haunt her!!!
    I am just relieved to see that she has been found guilty of abusing her power….just a little snippet of what she would like to do as VP!!!
    If all these vicious, incitement rallies and now this latest evidence of Sarah Palin don’t wake America up I don’t know what will!!!


  5. leo says:

    I’m really much more interested in hearing about Palin’s radical right background (and that of her husband) and if she’s rewarded her radical friends as govenor.
    After that I’d take a look at her African witch hunting pentecostal minister and try to determine if she’s ever been blessed to have spoken in tongues.


  6. Mr.Murder says:

    Law of the Sea would apply to renditions and Gitmo, would it not?
    As for the Artic waters, and offshore rights there, that’s a big item. We really don’t want to fast track it while there’s protected wildlife areas onshore or closer to shore we can plunder, or develop.
    If we agree then other countries who have their stuff together in policy sectors can develop things there.
    Cheney’s quite friendly with serveal northern European countries. Maybe he hopes the money he holds there can develop it. He may want to avoid North American control over it, like Halliburton did in Dubai.
    It’s got a lot of complex interaction involved with really big money at stake.
    Follow the Money.


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