Palin Invitation to Anti-Iran Rally Withdrawn


Make no mistake, this is the result of a grassroots campaign, though Hillary Clinton’s decision to withdraw herself in outrage surely played a major role.
This action alert found its way to me through a few different channels. It got big.
Chances are, this effort succeeded at least in part because most Jews are wary of her positions on hot button social issues. But this is significant for another reason: perhaps for the first time, an organized faction of the Jewish community has successfully served notice that hawkishness does not by endear public officials to the Jewish community.
The mainstream, silver-backed gorilla Jewish organizations have done great work over the years and continue to do so on a number of fronts, but they’ve been painfully out of step with the community on international affairs, particularly during the Bush administration. Now, an increasingly organized segment of American Jews is stepping up to present an alternative perspective that is far more representative of the Jewish community. It may take quite a while — and the Palin invite withdrawal is a small step — but I’m hopeful that the days of pandering to the Jewish vote with saber-rattling are slowly coming to an end.
— Scott Paul


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