Camp Doha Demands US Soldiers Don Fashionable Reflector Belts



Lieutenant General James Lovelace may only have the safety of his soldiers in mind at Camp Doha — but quite a bunch of these soldiers don’t feel much love for him because of the obsessive compulsion he has to see all of his military lads wear “reflective attire” as they walk from one point to…

China in a Hurry on Jobs and Infrastructure



(Former Foreign Minister of China Li Zhaoxing and Washington Note blogger Steve Clemons; photo credit: Peter Pi) The above picture was taken in Beijing with Li Zhaoxing, who served as former Ambassador of China to the US and then served as China’s Foreign Minister.

China’s Surging Netizen Culture and Government’s Response



(Washington Note publisher Steve Clemons with State Council Information Office Vice Minister Qian Xiaoquian) As of the end of 2008, China claimed 298 million “netizens” — or regular users of the internet. At that same benchmark in time, China had 162 million blog sites and 117 million mobile internet users.

Leo Hindery on The Need to Reform – Rather Than Resuscitate – Our Economy



(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) Just a quick follow up on Steve’s post from yesterday on China’s obsession with creating jobs – and the disturbing lack of such an obsession here in Washington. I recommend reading this speech delivered by InterMedia Partners Managing Partner and New America Foundation/Smart Globalization Initiative Chairman Leo Hindery.

National Security According to Dick Cheney



Dick Cheney’s post-office media tour has reached an unprecedented level. Today the American Enterprise Institute hosted the suddenly chatty former vice-president for a speech on national security. This was conveniently scheduled to air immediately after President Obama’s national security speech at the Archives.

Guest Post by Win Monroe: Discerning the Substance of the Obama-Netanyahu Meeting



Win Monroe is a research intern at the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program. The reactions, commentary and analysis of Obama’s meeting with Netanyahu have varied widely in their assessments of Obama’s performance.