Hyping the GITMO Boys Threat



After spending some time in China recently listening to the stories of Chinese officials and others on what roles they played or in what circumstances they or their families suffered during the Cultural Revolution, I can easily imagine twenty or thirty years from now similar historic reflections in the form of special lectures, movies, even…

The Washington Note on the Road



(Steve Clemons and Shanghai Municipal Government official Cao Yang at the Shanghai Museum; photo credit: Peter Pi) This past week, TWN‘s Steve Clemons has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, and Shenzhen. Today, we are flying to Tokyo. Monday will be DC. Tuesday and Wednesday — Bonn, Germany. Thursday and Friday — Dallas, Texas.

Oakley on the China Trip



Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner gives me this look when he’s had it. “China, China, China. . . All you talk about is China. Enough.” (in Weimaranerese of course) On the other hand, he didn’t think that the fashionable Camp Doha-inspired reflector collars (suggested by regular reader POA) were such a bad idea.