Playing Ukrainian Dominoes



Douglas Rediker is Director of the New America Foundation/Global Strategic Finance Initiative. Rediker is a capital markets expert who has been focused on the emergence of “state capitalism” as a key feature of the new international economic order. He has now become a regular contributor to The Washington Note.

MEDIA ALERT: NPR’s All Things Considered on ‘A New Pivot in US-Cuba Relations’



This evening at about 5:30 pm EST, I will be discussing Senator Richard Lugar‘s important new Senate Foreign Relations Committee report titled “Changing Cuba Relations: In the United States National Interest” (pdf here) with Jackie Northam on All Things Considered. From Lugar’s opening letter with the new US-Cuba “committee print”: “The debate [over U.S.

Lugar Calls for a “Return to Realism” on Cuba



Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar, a long time realist and serious strategic thinker about America’s national security challenges, has just popped the bubble of those who have used Cuba for decades in their ineffective ideological crusades.

Iraq’s Kurds Lose Again



It appears increasingly likely that the Kurdish cause will be the latest American casualty in Iraq. Kurdistan, an autonomous region in Iraq’s northeast, is governed by the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). Whether Kurdistan remains viable as an autonomous region depends on whether it can incorporate the oil-rich city of Kirkuk as its capital.

Congrats to the Irish Blogger


My blogger friend Gavin Sheridan has hit some good milestones — and wanted to give a good shout out. He has a great blog and launched another a while back that is up for best blogs in Ireland. Good show Gavin.