Jim Lobe Gets Different Takes on Israel Election



Inter-Press’ Jim Lobe, who also writes the LobeLog blog, has a good piece of analysis out about the impact of the recent elections in Israel on the Middle East peace process. Lobe interviews Marc Ginsberg, Aaron David Miller, M.J. Rosenberg and me. Miller is the most pessimistic.

Guest Post by Patrick Doherty: Smoke Signals from State Send Assurances



Patrick Doherty is Director of the New America Foundation/U.S.-Cuba 21st Century Policy Initiative. This post first appeared on The Havana Note. This fascinating story from U.S. News and World Report is the first public signal to the government in Havana that Washington is listening to the messages the Cuban government is sending. It’s good timing….

Ikenberry, Deudney, and Simes on Liberal Democracy vs. Autocracy



Last Friday, New America Foundation Whitehead Senior Fellow Michael Lind moderated a discussion featuring three international relations heavyweights: Princeton’s G. John Ikenberry, Johns Hopkins’ Daniel Deudney, and Nixon Center President Dimitri Simes. The four discussed Ikenberry and Deudney’s article in Foreign Affairs, “The Myth of the Autocratic Revival: Why Liberal Democracy Will Endure.

Mustafa Barghouti on Israel Elections



Former Palestinian presidential candidate (and likely future candidate) Mustafa Barghouti stopped by my office today for a short discussion on his impressions of what is possible and what is not in the aftermath of yesterday’s national elections in Israel. As usual, Barghouti paints a compelling picture of limited options and stark realities.

Atlantic Council Scores with Hagel



The Atlantic Council is an organization whose energy and impact have largely followed the trajectory of the transatlantic relationship. For many years, when that relationship was driven by the clarity and purpose of the Cold War, the Atlantic Council was strong, active, and had significant impact.