Geithner’s Site Needs Help


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Just found this site,
Suffice it to say that the Obama art crowd hasn’t gotten to work on this site yet. . .but if you didn’t get enough of Tim Geithner’s market-disappointing speech today, you can read or watch it again here.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “Geithner’s Site Needs Help

  1. ... says:

    the problem with transparency is the federal reserve is a private company under no obligation to be transparent.. their various mouthpieces – greenspan, bernanke and etc all operate in a house of mirrors where an artifice has been created to evade any clarity on what their role is.. they are responsible for the ‘financial’ mess the usa/world finds itself in at present…


  2. DonS says:

    erichwwk, I am referring to Bernanke’s refusal to release information on banks and financial institution access to emergency funds. Here is one post that contains the information, and there may be others.
    Here’s another:
    I am not enough of a financial wonk to understand all the reasoning. But I have a healthy skepticism of any poiticized financial news that is proffered, and Bernanke needs to be more transparent than he can imagine, as do all the politicos dishing out our money.


  3. erichwwk says:

    Don S. I am puzzled re your assertion that Bernanke has been less than helpful in the transparency dept. Care to elaborate. Seems to me you have Geithner and Bernanke confused.


  4. DonS says:

    Heck with the cosmetics. Will the site be transparent and allow the tracking of funds? We know that Bernanke has been less than helpful in the transparency department, so the standard for Geithner to exceed is pretty low.
    Gives me a real laugh when these titans of finance pretend that they can’t cap salaries for fear of frightening away talent. It strikes me that not causing the havoc in the system that this talent caused would have been a lot easier than repairing the damage. I would venture that Oakley, and perhpas Annie could have done a better job avoiding crisis. Maybe even Buddy.


  5. Spunkmeyer says:

    For an investment strategy, I’m going long on torch and pitchfork-
    producing companies…


  6. TonyForesta says:

    “Because you are neither hot, nor cold, I spew thee out of my mouth.
    The predator class is responsible for crimes, ponzi schemes, and pathological lying. Bond holders and shareholders with skin in the game are not willing to take any losses for supporting and advancing PONZI schemes and irredeemable debt products and instruments that have ushered the American economy to the brink of collapse. Instead, the predator class is bent on heaping all the burdens and imponderable debt on American taxpayers and our children in a futile attempt to bail out the predator class who are singularly, and exclusively responsible for conjuring, cloaking, profiting wantonly from, and exacerbating the economic current catastrophe.
    If we are a nation of laws, then the predator class operators must be held accountable and pay thier fair share of the costs of this economic collapse. If not, – then in a world where there are no laws, – there are no laws for anyone biiaaatches. Sharpen your rakes, shovels, and pitch forks, and get locked, cocked, and ready to rock, because predator class heads must roll.
    Crimes were done, rank deceptions, predator class manipulations, and crony, or bandit capitalist PONZI schemes were proselytized and sold. There is no escaping these crimes, and this accountability. Geithner is advancing and protecting the predator class, to the great disservice, disadvantage, and injury to poor and middle class Americans.
    The only way forward is transparency and accountability and predator class heads must roll!!!


  7. ... says:

    more then just Geithner’s site needs help! talk about cosmetics when the 2 trillion doesn’t look like it is going to work… that is rich steve…


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