The Pups Salute “Stump”


buddy oakley annie roof twn.jpg
That’s Buddy on the roof. It’s warmer there. Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner is on the left and Annie the kid sis is on the right.
They all think it’s really cool that 10 year-old “Stump” the Sussex spaniel won “Best in Show” on Tuesday at the 133rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Garden. Stump is the oldest pup to win the award.
Linda F, who just celebrated her 70th birthday and is a regular TWN reader and contributor, sent this story of elder success our way.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Nina has posted a picture of this crossbred duo of canine gangsters at her website. Be careful, don’t look too long, because Louie has x-ray vision, and can hypnotize even the staunchest dog hater into forking over the biscuits.


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    A coupla weeks ago I was headed home from a job site, and was honkin’ through miles of agricultural fields, with little in sight in the way of dwellings. About a mile ahead of me, I saw the brake lights come on on a pick-up, then, when the truck resumed travel, I noticed a little form in the road next to where the truck had stopped. Getting close, I saw it was a very small puppy, sitting dejectedly in the middle of the road. The bastard ahead of me had dumped it out, miles from the nearest house or structure.
    Anyway, intending to go around it, I pulled slowly onto the shoulder, afraid it might dart towards my truck. When I came alongside it, it rolled over, stuck its legs in the air, and whined at me.
    Damn. I can’t stand little rat dog mongrels. Yippy little bug-eyed creatures, I’ve always steered clear of ’em. So when I loaded him up, I tried to avoid looking in those huge brown bug-eyes. He returned the gesture by ralphing a giant load of undigested rice, corn, and jalapenas, and tortilla bits, square in the middle of my lap.
    Well, I named him Louie, and he and Jake are teamed up, partners in canine crime. Jake figures Louie is a renewable resource, a real live chew toy that always comes back for more. And Louie figures Jake is a the big brother he never had, I suppose. And the two of them, as a team, are trying to figure out if they can get away with charging Nina and I rent for allowing us to live in their house.


  3. Linda says:

    Thanks, Paul, and I’m glad there is so much going on that people didn’t dwell on this thread-not that I lie about my age.
    I sent the story to Steve last night because in dog years (though experts differ on the forumula of 1 dog year = 7 human ones)that would make Stump the same age as I am.
    I also told Steve off-line that I was glad Stump is male so people wouldn’t be talking about an old bitch!


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