Washington National Cathedral Tonight: Brzezinski, Scowcroft, Ignatius, Friedman and More Discuss America and the World



THIS EVENT CAN BE WATCHED ON LINE AT THIS LINK. Tonight at Washington’s National Cathedral, I will be helping to introduce a major event — attended by more than 1,200 people — titled “America and the World: Picking Up the Pieces.” The program will start at 7 pm and conclude at 9 pm EST.

Arabs, Arabs, and More Arabs. . .And That’s A Great Thing for America



This morning, a friend of mine, Marwan Kreidie, has a passionate and smart oped in the Philadelphia Inquirer that challenges the slur that John McCain indirectly embraced when an elder woman at a McCain rally said “I don’t trust Obama. . .He’s an Arab.

Worth Watching Again: Powell on Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin



Powell’s statement on the young American Muslim killed in Iraq is incredibly powerful and poignant. Like me, Powell agrees that this embedded racism and bigotry against Muslims who are American and Muslims abroad has to be reversed.

Welcome Back to the Fight, Colin. . .



(This article appears today at Tina Brown’s “The Daily Beast.” Here is the actual link to my piece.) This morning, about a nanosecond after Colin Powell gave his endorsement of Barack Obama for President, I called his long-time aide and former State Department Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson.

A $150 Million Month: But Plouffe Says “Not Enough”



Obama has raised a breathtaking $150 million over the last month. Incredible. But Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, who reported the take said enough isn’t enough. According to CNN: In a video to supporters, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said a record 632,000 new donors gave to the campaign, with the average contribution under $100….