McCain-Lieberman Still Would Have Aggravated Republican Realists



John McCain is said to be extremely “eaten up” that he allowed party advisers to push him to appeal to the base of the Republican Party and choose Sarah Palin over his preferred choice, Joseph Lieberman.

Josh Tulkin, Terrorist?



(Josh Tulkin with Scott Paul outside a yurt near Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan. Photo Credit: Zoe Chafe) Josh Tulkin is a very close friend. He has dedicated his life to speaking for future generations and vulnerable populations threatened by climate change. He works tirelessly to make U.S.

What’s Different and What’s the Same in Foreign Policy between McCain and Obama



I spent a bit more than 40 minutes this morning with Pedro Pedro Echavarria on C-Span’s Washington Journal You can watch the entire clip at your convenience on line by clicking here. The discussion focuses on the differences and similarities between John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s foreign policy views.

Aussie News, Blogging and Thinking



I caught this snippet tonight of an Australian political/policy blogger, Gary Sauer-Thompson, who was not so taken with the substance of an interview that Sky News Australia did with me — but rather that Sky News was taking bloggers and blogging seriously. I agree with the writer that this is a good thing.

Media Alert: C-Span’s “Washington Journal” on McCain & Obama Foreign Policy Positions



Tomorrow morning, Thursday, I will be on C-Span’s Washington Journal starting at 8 am EST discussing the foreign policy views of John McCain and Barack Obama. Here are the texts of major speeches the candidates gave today. John McCain in Manchester, New Hampshire. Barack Obama in Richmond, Virginia. See you tomorrow morning.