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I caught this snippet tonight of an Australian political/policy blogger, Gary Sauer-Thompson, who was not so taken with the substance of an interview that Sky News Australia did with me — but rather that Sky News was taking bloggers and blogging seriously.
I agree with the writer that this is a good thing.
I then scrolled down this blogger’s “blog roll” and institution links and saw that OzProspect is still under way under the leadership of Tim Watts, who years ago was a research associate at the New America Foundation.
Down under, I also regularly read The Interpreter, which is associated with the Australia-based, Asia Pacific-focused Lowy Institute for International Policy. Their blogger is world class.
Another great blog out of Sydney is Bruce Wolpe’s White House ’08 blog at the Sydney Morning Herald.
And almost lastly, the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, a very solid operation that has brought a diverse set of senior level of Australians and Americans together for years, provided the foundation for this exchange between Vice President Cheney and myself that made news on quite a number of blogs after being reported in the New York Times. An even better version that includes color from Bruce Wolpe and former Liberal Party Minister of Finance Peter Costello can be read in Barton Gellman’s new book, Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency.
And to wrap this up about bloggers, media, and international politics, I have the privilege each Wednesday morning (Australia time) to chat with ABC 702 radio anchor Deborah Cameron in Sydney about American politics. She and her team are terrific and also take blogs seriously.
So I’m with Gary Sauer-Thompson who got me thinking about this, but from my own perspective — just as a lone operator far away from Australia — I think his great country is getting with the trend.
— Steve Clemons


13 comments on “Aussie News, Blogging and Thinking

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  4. real estate says:

    That’s a fine list of australian blogs and a couple that I wasn’t familiar with so thanks for the heads up. I agree with the earlier post that Late night live is worthy of viewing also.
    Andrew. Coffs Harbour


  5. brukewilliams says:

    First we had Sydney fans attacking one of their own team members. Then we saw more loutish behaviour from coach John Kosmina, this time grabbing Frank Farina by the neck. Finally, Jets owner Con Constanides threatened to throw his own supporters from the balcony of his corporate box.


  6. Dex says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned that the Goldwater, Roosevelts (TR), the Eisenhowers, and the Nixon (Julie) families have endorsed Obama.
    Did I miss it?


  7. Mindy says:

    Another interesting Australian blog discusses issues of history and reconciliation in Asia, especially between Japan and China.


  8. Bill H. says:

    One blog in Oz that I read is this:
    which Tim began when he was living in the US. So he has perspectives on both places.
    A joke that I shared on occasion with Aussie friends was that when the British deported their undesirables centuries ago, they shipped the regular criminals to Australia and the religious “fanatiques” to America. History is still playing out as to which continent got the rawer deal…..


  9. jimbo says:

    Don’t forget Late Night Live, a wide-ranging program that explores the world from an interesting down-under perspective. Here’s a link to the podcast:


  10. Patrick Schneider says:

    I’m Australian and have been looking for some good aussie blogs for ages – thanks Steve


  11. David says:

    Hello Mr. Clemons,
    Long time lurker from Australia. Just saw this post, will you be making any further public appearances in Sydney ?


  12. Zathras says:

    I wonder if Steve Clemons would consider adding the sites linked in this post to his “recommended blogs” page, for easier access.
    Once the campaign season ends it is likely that foreign news will get a little more oxygen in the American media than it is now, and perspectives from quality overseas blogs would be valuable.


  13. Spunkmeyer says:

    The few Aussies I know aren’t shy about telling you what they really
    think if you ask them. Maybe being an island unto itself isn’t such
    a bad thing. A little less self-delusion in these parts would
    probably do some good.


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