This morning on Meet the Press, Colin Powell endosed Barack Obama for President of the United States.
Take that, Bill Kristol. . .
— Steve Clemons



  1. digdug says:

    Apologies for mispelling Hagel’s name.


  2. digdug says:

    maye wrote:
    “I’m glad Powell wants to redeem himself, but I’ll borrow a Palinism and say “thanks but no thanks” to Powell in an Obama administration. My money’s on Hagel for Sec. Def.”
    Really? And where was Hagal during the run up to our Iraq invasion? Voicing his concerns? Showing his vision and political courage and arguing against it? Calling for stringent intelligence and objective, realistic thinking?
    No. No. No.
    Hagal is just as guilty as everyone else of keeping his mouth firmly shut. If he thought Iraq to be such a potential disaster, he displayed absolutly zero political courage in doing so. He only came out against Iraq AFTER popular opinion turned against it.
    We should not reward Powell’s complaceny during his time in the Bush Admin. And we should not reward Hagal’s enabling of the neocon agenda.
    Hagal displayed neither leadership nor courage when it mattered most.
    I applaud Powell coming out now. He partially redeems himself.
    Hagal hasn’t even taken this partial step yet.


  3. jsrutstein says:

    I wasn’t happy when Powell chose to come out as a Republican
    after leaving the military.
    I was disappointed when Powell chose not to run for President
    the first time it came up, although I admired his being unafraid
    to say it was in deference to his wife’s wishes.
    I may never forgive Powell for facilitating the war in Iraq by lying
    to the world in his presentation to the U.N., although I believe
    he sincerely feels worse about that than I ever could.
    I don’t put a lot in the so-called “character” issue, because I’ve
    been burned on that with people I’ve been close to, so how I can
    really tell with someone I’ve never met?
    I think the key quality to look for in voting for a representative,
    especially for President of the U.S., is leadership. I don’t think
    anyone can question Powell’s capacity in this regard. The latest
    statement by him this morning on Meet the Press about how it
    shouldn’t matter even if Obama were a Muslim to me is a perfect
    example of leadership on a very important issue right now.
    Powell endorsing Obama as his choice to lead us next year,
    especially given the challenges we’ll face is not the “game
    changer” for which the media pine. After all, Obama’s already
    clearly ahead. But I think Powell’s endorsement will prove to be
    the game ender, and all I can say is “At last!”


  4. maye says:

    I’m glad Powell wants to redeem himself, but I’ll borrow a Palinism and say “thanks but no thanks” to Powell in an Obama administration. My money’s on Hagel for Sec. Def.


  5. Bill R. says:

    I love it! This was a redemptive moment for Powell. He called the Rs out on their extremism and made a convincing case to the doubters on an Obama presidency. His curbside interview afterward with NBC was devastating. He attacked Michelle Bachman and her hateful statements about Obama’s patriotism and that of Dem. leadership. Kudos to Powell! I could seem him as Sec. Defense in an Obama administration, and helping to set right the misuse of the military that took place under W.


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