Biden Goes After Sarah Palin for Questioning the Patriotism of Some Parts of the Country


— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “Biden Goes After Sarah Palin for Questioning the Patriotism of Some Parts of the Country

  1. Annjell says:

    This is sad, really sad. I’m so sure, this country needs to be united. It’s bad enough we went to war under such conditions. Meaning, we didn’t sell war bonds to pay for this war, and to top it off, the jobs that wasn’t shipped overseas, companies are hiring legal/illegal immigrants to take jobs from the citizens.
    Now, we have a governor from out of nowhere, that’s not smart at all, makes me wonder if she really got her junior college degree. And wow, she is good at trying to divide this country.
    She said in an interview with Katie Couric that Cheney was duck hunting, when in fact, he was quail hunting.
    She talks about the powers she would have as vp, did she fail government class in high school, how about political science out of the 4 colleges she attended. Gee, why did she attend 4 colleges, was she put on academic probation? I notice her grammar is not up to par. During interview with Tom Brokaw, she said, “I have more experience than Obama even has.”
    Oh, I forgot, she must be the reason of the “No Child Left Behind.”


  2. kathleen Grasso andersen says:

    bangzoom14..Yeah, and let’s reserve a special spot for Joe the Plumber…she did say she wanted to increase the role of the Veep, so, in her head, that’s a done deal. Technically, tho, as President of the Senate, a Veep could exert influence… good luck with that,…


  3. bangzoom14 says:

    Hey Kathleen Grasso, “tough love boot camp for (republican) brats”.. I love it! I have a good idea, let’s enroll Gov Palin.. that’s if she’s not too busy giving wrong information to third graders like stating what a VP actually does. I saw Chris Matthews today just rip into her. Then more entertaining was to watch Pat Buchanan try and defend Palin saying that she was ‘just talking to third graders’.. Duhhh…


  4. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says: your name… exactly… these guys sound like the dumb kids in the schollyard… verbal sticks and stones thrown from a juvenile sense of inferiority….
    Arrested development, anyone? Maybe they should all be shipped out to one of those “tough love” boot camps for brats.


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    This rhetoric has been going on since day one of the post 9/11 Bush Administration. And make no mistake, these pieces of shit like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, etc, are joined at the hip with the GOP campaign strategists. It really underscores what SCUM the GOP has become. Fill the airwaves with scripted bile by the likes of Limbaugh or Hannity, and act like they are independent players instead of part of the overall strategy.
    These people are slimey beyond belief, incredibly despicable, monsters. And, to be honest, I think their evil is underestimated.
    Obama is flying to Hawaii to be with his ailing grandmother. Personally, I think he is ill-advised to fly over such a large expanse of open water when he is so far ahead in the polls.


  6. bangzoom14 says:

    Joe Biden really tells it like it is. Both him and Barack should raise the heat a bit like Joe did in this video. And to the McCain campaign: You are really demonstrating to us the true backbone of the republican party. It’s not country first. It’s immaturity first. You run a campaign like you’re in elementary school for cryin’ out loud. You push this button over here to see if anything happens. If that doesn’t work, then you push this other button over there. Then you hop around from topic to topic like a bunch of idiots to see what “sticks”. Then of course you just love to call the opponents all sorts of names and fabricate lies. Why don’t you just grow up and run a real campaign if that’s at all possible.


  7. Bob W says:

    Good for Joe Biden for calling Palin out on her divisive campaigning. Everytime she goes negative- which is now daily- he just needs to say, “There she goes again” and not let her get away with it.
    He is pro-American!


  8. Digusted in Duluth says:

    The “Patriotism card” is played by the Right wing in America every election. If you don’t agree with their Evil you are un-American, un-Patriotic. They always want the stupid Americans waving their stupid little American flags going into the voting booth with two choices, voting for Real Americans or anti-Americans.
    And the Right Wing does this because they know that for the most part the American People are a Stupid People, and it works.


  9. ... says:

    someone else pointed out elections are like intelligence tests… i think we canucks failed ours miserably, but our neighbours to the south have a chance to see if they can get a pass! the fact that anyone questions ones patriotism suggests to me that americans are too hung up on patriotism.. to question ones country and its direction is a healthy thing… to be labeled unpatriotic for questioning anything would seem to me to be a knee jerk way of shutting down any questions… if americans are going to respond to this like a baby swallowing pablum, then their is no help for them.. i hope they can see this for the manipulation it is and vote constructively as opposed to fearfully…


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