John McCain Channels Reagan: Both the Good and the Troubling



John McCain said tonight: “America doesn’t hide from history. America makes its history.” This perhaps is the truest statement in McCain’s genteel, polite, and fairly unambitious speech tonight. America has in its past focused on major problems and figured out strategies to overcome them.

Can Turkey Serve as Europe’s Bridge to the Muslim World?



The question of whether to integrate Turkey into the European Union requires a balancing of costs and benefits across Europe’s entire portfolio of political, economic, and security interests. Expanding the Union to include a state that would be among its largest, poorest, and furthest to the East would clearly have a wide range of consequences….

Steve Clemons Interview with <em>Financial Times</em> Columnist Edward Luce: Foreign Policy Thin at Republican Convention



Here is an interview I did with Financial Times Washington Bureau Chief and political columnist Edward Luce about both the Republican and Democratic conventions and how foreign policy and other issues played. More later.