Keeping Ameirca Strong


I’m an imperfect typist, to play on Senator McCain’s self-description as an “imperfect servant” of the American people. I make mistakes in spelling and grammar on an embarrassingly frequent basis, but have some great eagle eye readers who are good at alerts.
But a TWN reader — Julianne — caught this pic above while watching the Republican National Convention.
She DVR’d the speeches and got this cut at 10:31 pm EST during Rudy Giuliani’s address.
Like readers who catch me, I just want to signal the RNC sign makers to watch out for how America is spelled.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Keeping Ameirca Strong

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    Lunatic Fringe vs. the Idjit Fringe?
    We all know you’re out there…


  2. Dingey says:

    I have been half-wondering if the misspelled signs are an incredibly sarcastic form of protest, because even after the CodePink protesters were ejected, there were hoots and yells at VERY STRANGE TIMES throughout McCain’s speech, hoots and yells delivered with a crazed enthusiasm that bordered on….well…..being sarcastic! There were various crowd shots throughout McCain’s speech where I was seeing angry-looking Republicans craning their heads to look at something, but the cameras didn’t show what was causing the ruckus. Just kept hearing the weirdly-timed yells and then “USA USA USA” by the ameircan mavriks who want Mccain to feel good. I kept thinking of the old movie “The Magic Christian,” about a guy who just enjoys putting people on in very abstract ways.
    Could it have been the Billionaires for Bush, or some similar organization? Did anybody else notice that there seemed to be ongoing interruptions? Or are republicans just that YELLY?


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Anyone seen the Alaska stats for the percentage that graduate from high school? Unbelievable.
    Palin went to five JCs in six years. Five.
    And what of Bristol? Eight months out of school due to, uh, “Mono”, and now preggers on the campaign trail with mommy dearest Annie Oakley .
    I guess she better learn to cook, and cross her fingers that gum chewing Hockey Boy can bring home the bacon, (or moose steak), because it doesn’t appear she’s gonna get a high school diploma anytime soon. Unless of course Governor Palin brings pressure to bear, and fires anyone that expects Bristol to EARN a diploma.
    And the rest of the kids? Are they going to school during this freakshow?
    And Steve’s photo isn’t suprising at all. Good God, you ever listen to these people that call in to RW talk radio?? Thats a whole media genre that is popular because it has reached out to the most ignorant segments of the population. And they are working hard to KEEP this segment as ignorant as possible. Just read Tahoe’s natterings if you doubt me. His crap is right off the same script.
    Odds are, that ignorant yahoo holding that sign meant to spell it “Amerika”. After all, thats the spelling the GOP would prefer.


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