McCain: I Don’t Need On the Job Training Like Short-Term Mayors and Governors



By John McCain’s defense of his own credentials and experience in the Republican presidential debates, one can’t help but wonder how he thinks that Sarah Palin would be ready to step into his shoes should something happen to him.

Too Casual About a Potential Cataclysmic War



Neither the U.S. or Russia should appease each other’s worst behaviors — but threatening war with cataclysmic potential with the world’s only other arrmed-to-the-teeth nuclear heavyweight ought to be accompanied by more than a “perhaps so” when queried about a possible direct armed conflict with Russia. If this race were between Joe Biden vs.

Matt Damon Agrees with Lincoln Chafee



It’s clear that Matt Damon agrees with former Senator (and former Republican) Lincoln Chafee who said this about Palin: I do think she is dangerous for the future of the country having such limited experience and sharing that aggressive, belligerent approach to the world. That’s not in our long term best interests.

Lincoln Chafee Refers to Sarah Palin as a “Cocky Whacko”



Lincoln Chafee was one of my favorite moderates in the U.S. Senate. His common sense progressive realism in foreign affairs was essential during the battle over John Bolton’s confirmation. Unlike a number of others who sought higher national office, Chafee voted against the Iraq War Resolution.

Six Minutes with Lincoln Chafee on Bush/Cheney Experiences, The Decline of Bipartisanship, Sarah Palin and More



Former Senator Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) is now a political Independent and helped spearhead with former Bush 2000 campaign New York co-chair Rita Hauser and former Congressman Jim Leach “Republicans for Obama.