Check Out Rosario Dawson’s <em>Voto Latino</em> Work at RNC & DNC


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I’ve had a couple of weeks now of travel and have enjoyed most of it — to Denver for the DNC, Boston for APSA, and Minneapolis/St. Paul for the RNC.
The dinner I had with folks from Voto Latino was one of my high points (though if I look a bit whacked in this pic, it’s because I was).
The dinner included (pictured above) Voto Latino Executive Director Maria Teresa Petersen, a gentleman standing whose name I need to get later, Voto Latino blogmeister Steve Alfaro, myself, actress and Voto Latino co-founder Rosario Dawson, and Bloomberg correspondent Tim Burger.
I’ve been briefed up on now on policy and political issues as seen from the Latino perspective. VL is a great group — and I’m posting this pic because so many of you sent me emails requesting it.
I hope Montel Williams takes a look at this because he was pretty jealous of where I was sitting while he was off with Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter and the Washington Post‘s E.J. Dionne and Harold Meyerson among others. Huffington Post‘s Sam Stein was a bit beside himself as well as he strolled by and nearly choked when he said hi to us.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Check Out Rosario Dawson’s <em>Voto Latino</em> Work at RNC & DNC

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  2. Dan Kervick says:

    Steve my wife is puertoriquena. While I can’t volunteer her for anything without talking to her first, let the Voto Latino folks know that if they are looking for any help up here in New Hampshire, I can bring it up with her. You have my email address.


  3. STUNNED says:

    STEVE —
    I SO WANT YOUR LIFE. You should have a fundraiser for charity and just rent out segments so that some of us couch potatoes who live vicariously through blogs can have a little of “your sizzle” as you call it.
    OH MY GOD!! You had dinner with Rosario. I love “Rent”. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing and making politics fun and more interesting than it is. Really.
    We in couch land love you STEVE (and we love Rosario too, perhaps more in fact).
    SO COOL!!


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