Dems Feeling Unintended Consequences of Foreign Oil Rhetoric



Here’s a challenge: find a poltician who currently campaigns on energy issues and doesn’t promise to end U.S. dependence on foreign oil. I doubt it’s possible. The rhetorical drumbeat for and promises to achieve “energy independence” have gotten louder and more frequent.

Evan Bayh: No Memory of Neocon Iraq Liberation Committee



I have not heard directly from Senator Evan Bayh‘s office about the issue of his having co-chaired with John McCain and Joseph Lieberman the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. But I just ran across this admission by Senator Bayh that he has no recollection of the neoconservative operation to which his name was attached….

Evan Bayh Served on Board with McCain, Kristol, Lieberman, Woolsey, and Scheunemann



As I reported the other day, Evan Bayh is the favored candidate to find himself on Barack Obama’s ticket. Obama will probably finalize his decision today or tomorrow and then announce his decision as he comes out of his Hawaii vacation.

When it Comes to Colin Powell, What is Bill Kristol Up To?



General Colin Powell has shrugged off good efforts by the Obama campaign to nudge his support into the open — but while it can be understood that Obama’s agents would try to sign Powell up, what does Bill Kristol have in mind stating that he expects Powell to tilt towards Obama? Earlier today, Huffington Post‘s…

Media Alert: Rachel Maddow & XM Radio’s POTUS ’08



(Keith Olbermann talks to Rachel Maddow — which he does lots!) Tonight, I’ll be discussing Georgia, Russia and foreign policy lobbying with Rachel Maddow at Air America at about 6:30 pm EST. This is one of the articles Maddow will be referencing.