Media Alert: Rachel Maddow & XM Radio’s POTUS ’08


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(Keith Olbermann talks to Rachel Maddow — which he does lots!)
Tonight, I’ll be discussing Georgia, Russia and foreign policy lobbying with Rachel Maddow at Air America at about 6:30 pm EST. This is one of the articles Maddow will be referencing.
After that at about 8:05 pm, I’ll be chatting about the whole foreign policy game, blogging, and the Beijing Olympics on XM’s POTUS ’08.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Media Alert: Rachel Maddow & XM Radio’s POTUS ’08

  1. questions says:

    Another kos “Wag the Dog” diary…. It’s like a virus or something.


  2. questions says:
    Got this from another kos diary that is also pushing the Wag the Dog line….
    That’s the diary itself.
    Hope I’m not being too crazy about this one! I’m not usually much of a conspiracy theorist….


  3. questions says:

    A kos diary suggests Georgia=Wag the Dog brought to you by Cheney. Cynical, but who knows. The diarist thinks elections are more central. If there’s any truth to this at all, I’d think prosecutions would be the greater concern. A McCain victory is only an afterthought.


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    OT: Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman was shot by someone at party offices today and died.
    Gwatney made the AP wire earlier this week when he disclosed that Obama didn’t have a campaign in his state.


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