Saying Goodbye to Peter



Peter Rodman died of complications from leukemia on Saturday, August 2nd. I didn’t know he was ill, and over the last decade we weren’t close friends but were well acquainted. I think he disliked my foreign policy views and political direction quite a bit — but he was always a gentleman when we crossed paths.

What a Difference a Year Makes: Breathing in Beijing



(photo credit: Michael McDermott) My friend Michael McDermott runs the largest foreign film production operation in Beijing, Gung Ho Films, and he sent me this photo that he took on August 1st in Beijing. I have to admit that the air ‘looks’ good — which may bode well for the Olympic Games.

Return Fire and Escalation



John McCain just offered this video called “The One” spoofing the sometimes over the top evangelical-style sizzle of Obama’s oratory: Barack Obama isn’t taking it though and is firing back with a new website, “McCain’s Low Road Express” and his own new video on fabrications and false charges in McCain ads: — Steve Clemons