Return Fire and Escalation


John McCain just offered this video called “The One” spoofing the sometimes over the top evangelical-style sizzle of Obama’s oratory:

Barack Obama isn’t taking it though and is firing back with a new website, “McCain’s Low Road Express” and his own new video on fabrications and false charges in McCain ads:

— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Return Fire and Escalation

  1. Chesire11 says:

    Wow, for an old man, McCain is remarkably juvenile, isn’t he? The more he questions Obama’s maturity and readiness to lead, the more he disproves his own.


  2. Sweetness says:

    Hmmm. I guess it makes sense–the analysis, that is–and it is
    scary. Who wouldn’t want the Anti-Christ dead? Gergen seemed to
    think it was southern code for “uppity negro.” I dunno. Maybe it’s
    all the same thing. There is so much about this country that’s so
    sad and completely whacked.


  3. questions says:

    I am out of my depth regarding the link below. The basic point is that the Moses figure in the ad, and the ad in general, are code for Obama as anti-Christ and a call for End Times…. Loony? I’d love to know. I saw this same piece somewhere else I think, so maybe someone is just posting is everywhere and it’s nonsense. (Found it again via google.) Any thoughts anyone?


  4. Arun says:

    The good old dog whistle.
    John McCain’s latest web attack ad is really a not too subtle code to the Christian Right Wing that Barack Obama is the literal Anti-Christ as foretold in the Book of Revelations and popularized in “non-fiction” books like “The Late Great Planet Earth” and Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” novels.


  5. Sweetness says:

    I hesitated to watch the McCain ad, Steve, only because these sorts
    of things tend to turn my stomach. But watch I did, anyway.
    I have to say, I though it was an incredibly ineffective ad. And it
    runs the risk of promoting some pretty GOOD quotes from Obama
    and simply putting a smile people’s faces when it moves to the Ten
    IOW, it doesn’t make the case that OBAMA thinks he’s Moses based
    on his own words. It just comes off as McCain’s attempt to spoof
    him into that role.


  6. carsick says:

    This tactic seems to be working for McCain right now but I’m not sure if he’s burning too many bridges in the long haul. Will people (re: Independents and analysts)remember this in Sept. when he begins to pivot back to the nice Maverick the press loves so much?
    He appears desperate and out of ideas but will the negatives stick to Obama without the memory of how those negatives got there? Or, will the images of Obama’s trip linger and remind people that he looked like a leader with other leaders and McCain look like a sour and jealous out of touch candidate?


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