Happy Birthday James Fallows


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My good friend James Fallows turns 59 today.
Wish him a happy birthday. He’s done tons for this country.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Happy Birthday James Fallows

  1. CeeHussein says:

    Happy Birthday James. You’re one of my favorite people!


  2. David says:

    What WigWag said, plus the happiest of Happy Birthdays, James Fallows, from down here on the edge of the Green Swamp, the heart of the Floridan aquifer.


  3. RonK, Seattle says:

    A good fellow, that Fallows.


  4. Steven Clemons says:

    WigWag — Thanks. Jim does occasionally read the blog…best,
    Steve Clemons


  5. WigWag says:

    Happy Birthday James Fallows!
    James Fallows is great, great, great! His reporting for the Atlantic is so good, it’s just a pleasure to read. His reporting from China has been fantastic. I subscribe to the Atlantic just for the pleasure of reading his articles (and Corby Kummer’s; what can I say? I like to eat!)
    But the great thing about James Fallows is that he resisted the temptation to become a celebrity journalist. All these journalists who prostituted themselves by turning themselves into pundits to make a quick buck have degraded themselves and have degraded American journalism. James Fallows is smarter, more astute and more eloquent than any of those so called reporters, but he has one thing that they don’t; integrity.
    Anyone who wants to understand the dismil state of the American media should read Mr. Fallows book, “Breaking the News: How the Media Undermine American Democracy.” Even though it’s 12 years old, it is as timely today as it was in 1996. His book “Blind into Baghdad: America’s War in Iraq” is probably the best of the myriad of books on the run up to the Iraq War, and even his strange little book “Free Flight: Inventing the Future of Travel” was fun to read! (In a sentence, it’s about the future of small air taxis as a means of transportation).
    If by some chance James Fallows actually reads this blog and this comment section, I just want him to know that he has a huge following who really appreciate his great writing.
    Thank you James Fallows!
    ps: You don’t look 59.


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