Media Alert: KCRW’s “To the Point with Warren Olney”



I’ll be joining a discussion hosted by Warren Olney of “To the Point” on the Georgia-Russia conflict this afternoon just a short bit after 3 pm EST. I think that one can listen live over the internet at the above link — just click “live” at about 3 pm EST and 12 pm pacific time….

Saakashvili: Inglorious Democrat?



Belgravia Dispatch‘s Gregory Djerejian publishes one of my favorite blogs. He wrestles issues down to their core and exposes the idiocy and nakedness of the foreign policy arena’s blunderers. Today he writes about the Georgia-Russia conflict and comes out largely where I do. He writes: A few quick points, in no particular order.

Georgia-Russia Clash: American Culpability and the Kosovo Connection



Dimitri Simes, President of the Nixon Center, was one of the leading foreign policy experts in Washington to predict some kind of hot clash between the former Soviet state of Georgia and Russia involving the autonomous provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia at the time Kosovo declared its independence. My colleague Anatol Lieven was another….

The John Edwards Affair: Accountability for New & Old Media?



The Washington Note published several pieces about the details and significance of a potential sexual affair in the middle of the John Edwards presidential primary campaign three times — twice on October 11, 2007 (here and here) and once on October 12, 2007. I wrote about this after reading Sam Stein’s work at Huffington Post….