Congrats to Michael Phelps


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No matter what one does, it is very hard in our current world to maintain focus. I just watched Michael Phelps win his first gold medal.
We don’t all win gold medals in life and don’t all come from perfect families.
Michael Phelps came from a home with a single, divorced mom — who broke into tears when he won his first medal in these games and his ninth career gold.
He’s a great inspiration. . .but I think the fact that he wore TWO swimming caps while the Hungarian wore none has some deeper meaning that I’m going to ponder.
Congratulations Michael. . .seriously. Fantastic.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Congrats to Michael Phelps

  1. Raul Rodriguez says:

    Caps are worn to provide more boyancy for the swimmer and also
    reducing the drag created by hair. it was the hungarians choice
    not to wear caps… the Hungarians (not sure) probably shaved their
    heads… the fact that he wore two caps is irrelevant


  2. Gayathri Almeida says:

    Congratulations Phelps,you are the real human whale


  3. jsrutstein says:

    I couldn’t see it after winning the gold last night, but there was a
    minor controversy in the U.S. Olympic Trials when Phelps displayed
    a cap with a VISA logo. Perhaps the cap under the cap last night
    was the VISA one.


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