LIVE STREAMING TODAY: Pat Choate on Globalization’s Dark Side


Pat Choate used to run TRW’s shop in Washington, DC — until he went out and wrote a book about the pervasive influence of Japan in the lobbying industry in the 1980s. That book was called Agents of Influence and it ought to be resurrected and modified to ask the same questions about the national security lobbying by the Government of Georgia and others today.
I’m hosting Choate — who was the Vice Presidential running mate of Ross Perot for the Reform Party — in 1996 to discuss with folks at the New America Foundation and on line here at The Washington Note his concerns about some of globalization’s darker dimensions. This discussion is part of a new Smart Globalization Initiative that my colleagues have launched with Leo Hindery as chair at the New America Foundation.
Pat Choate’s new book which we will be discussing is Dangerous Business: The Risks of Globalization for America.
This program, titled When Band-Aids No Longer Work: Manic Globalization’s Dark Effects on America’s Middle Class will STREAM LIVE today from 12:15 pm til 1:45 pm EST.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “LIVE STREAMING TODAY: Pat Choate on Globalization’s Dark Side

  1. Chad Hobot says:

    March 26, 2009
    Hello Pat Choate,
    I’m a Realtor.
    I got in at 6:30 CST and listened to the last part of what you said on CNN. You made a lot of logical sense during your last two sentences on CNN. I’m very busy selling bank owned property and getting buyers financed to purchase them. In addition to doing my job and raising 4 children, I don’t have a lot of time to watch, read, and keep up on what guys like you are thinking or saying. Smart words today! Thanks.
    No Politics here. I know your resume. I studied and worked in Japan when the bubble “Popped”.
    Thoughtfully thinking, the next time you appear on CNN or other venue, could you add this idea; “Americans should not be thinking about advantage for Dems. OR Republicans, blue and red states under Bush or Obama. We should start getting on being Americans again. A Senator from Minnesota named Paul Wellstone used to love saying; ‘We all do better when we all do better’.” I’m pretty frugal and conservative with my wallet. My wife hates this part of me.
    I’m 36. I own property, and sell it. If we need to blend big business with a big govt. for a couple years, until liquidity and the macro flow of finance is stable, let’s do it! The bank is our future and those that have faith to buy a US Treasury NOTE.
    There used to be a phase in the old days like when in “Rome do as the Romans do.” Why can’t Americans do as American’s do? I’m also Catholic by faith. In Japanese it would be; “go ni ikeba, go ni shyta gai.”
    Chad Hobot 763-370-6953 (cell)


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    Strangely, on CNN, someone goes to bat for Obama by criticising McCain for making a statement before Bush did.
    How dare he pontificate?
    Yet Obama issued a statement the same day, before the President, a few afters McCain did and he saw the impact it was having in their internal tracking items.
    It was a shame the CNN host didn’t pursue the fact. They’re in the tank for Obama, it would appear.


  3. WigWag says:

    “Senator Obama ecouraged very strongly the action plan for Georgia and the Ukraine. Unfortunately that did not happen. We are where we are.”
    This from Susan Rice at 12:44 pm during Steve’s web broadcast.
    On Russia, on Kosovo, on Georgia, on South Ossetia, on the Ukraine: Obama=Bush=McCain.


  4. Bethie says:

    It would be very interesting to hear your view on the reports saying Mccain is sending his own delegation into Georgia & he has been speaking with Saakashvili every day. It would be even more interesting in finding out why Saakashvili said what he did about the US military moving in to take control of the sea and airports? The pentagon came out quickly to deny it.
    I figure I know why Mccain is doing it. I just wonder if anyone in Washington is shocked that he is inserted himself into a very tense situation.


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