Could-Be Commander in Chief Sarah Palin



What was that TV show where Geena Davis was an unlikely female VP is thrust into the presidency after the tough national hero president she served under passed away while in office? That’s right: Commander in Chief. Well, life may be following fiction (again) — without the passing away part. . .

A (Potentially Premature) Defense of Clinton



Tonight is the first night I’ve been able to see any of the Democratic convention. First things first: I really didn’t like the video tribute to Hillary Clinton that was aired tonight. It was all about Hillary Clinton, the woman candidate — which does Hillary Clinton, the brilliant policymaker and effective advocate, a great disservice….

Greetings from Denver: A Video Salute to TWN Readers after Two Hours Sleep



More soon. Off to meet some journalists interested in more on Joe Biden. I’m somewhat surprised that I’ve become a key source on Senator Biden given his long tenure in the Senate. He’s currently fourth in longevity in terms of years served in the US Senate but only 44th out of 100 in age.

Anderson Cooper: Watch Out


Greetings folks. Apologies for the thin reporting. I have been deeply embedded in the heart and major arteries of the Democratic National Convention and have been run ragged.

More Good Stuff for the “Biden Brief”



Joe Biden‘s selection as Vice President doubles the chances that Senator Chuck Hagel will be selected as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, which this writer considers positively. Joe Biden was a key partner with many NGOs and this blog in stopping John Bolton’s confirmation as US Ambassador to the United Nations.