Joe Biden Gets Call (Maybe. . .) and Yells: “WHERE IS BLINKEN?”



From my point of view, Senator Joe Biden is an inspiring, experienced, over-the-top smart, fast-running boss who is a handful. He wrestles with ideas. He wrestles with his team. They knock him back. He knocks them back. He gives great zinger speeches and occasionally zinger gaffes. And they all laugh it off and move forward….

Obama’s Sleeper Cell: Chet Edwards?



The one concern that many in the VP prediction games have had is that there was a “sleeper candidate.” One of Joe Biden’s close allies who kept telling me that they have heard nothing from the Obama camp and that there had been full “radio silence” pondered whether there was a sleeper candidate.

Important Canary in the Coal Mine Moment: Susan Eisenhower Leaves Republican Party



Imagine if you were OpenLeft‘s Matt Stoller — and he woke up one day and he decided he couldn’t take the drift in the Democratic Party any longer — and he quit. Stoller became an independent or even a McCain-supporting Republican.