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Greetings friends. I have much to report and comment on regarding the spectacular Democratic National Convention in Denver. I couldn’t do the who’s doing what to whom style blogging in Denver; I may do that in Minneapolis/St. Paul — but was way overbooked in the mile high city.
I’m about to board a plane to Boston where I will be attending the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association — and will write some posts and share some colorful vignettes that I write up on the plane.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Kathleen says:

    Linda…. in one of these threads you said speaking very clearly something about PUMA’s going away…it’s not easy to work on a campaign and then turn around on a dime…it takes time to come around and telling people to go away is not the way to win them over…maybe it’s not going to be possible to win them over…I don’t know…voting is not really a rational process…how else to explain blue collar workers voting for Bush…instead of voting their economic interest, they let their macho chain get pulled… is a mistake to think that voters are going to make their choice on reason alone…I certainly wouldn’t vote Repug because they chose a woman, but so many people vote for reasons that defy logic….so unruffling feathers is going to a part of the task of winning.
    Sweetness…Linda brought up Geraldine Ferraro voting for BO…which is why I mentioned her remarks about that gesture…the point is if women leaders in the Dem party are feeling troubled by the whole way it came down…BO won’t have the same whole hearted support…you can disagree intellectually, but it’s not really going to take the bad taste out of people’s mouth…I’m not someone who has a problem with a young Negro jumping ahead of anyone…the nomination doesn’t belong to anyone except the candidate who won it…my problem is that Hillary wasn’t even considered for the Veep spot because I think it would have been the strongest ticket, even though I am not a Hillary supporter….
    My Ears!…you may not care how I feel or other women who do work for the Dem party, but if you want your candidate to win, I suggest that you would get further in your purpose if you used your ears to hear what we are saying and address it rather than dismiss it….even when I am angry at the party and not enthralled with the candidates, I do oppo research for the DNC… what do you do for the party….anything, besides poo poo people who disagree with you? I suggest your get your clever little ass out there and stump away, if you want to win….


  2. Sweetness says:

    “Instead of responding to the statement, his gesture was
    dismissive… a picture’s worth a thousnad words, etc.”
    But why should anyone not be dismissive when someone else is
    dismissive toward them? It’s not as if Ferraro was putting forth an
    intellectually sound, thoughtful statement on why she thought
    Obama wasn’t the right choice.
    Good grief. What should he have said, “I understand some people
    think that a young Negro shouldn’t step out of turn and try to be
    president, but I beg to differ…”
    C’mon. She threw cheap shot and he threw it back at her. Most of
    the time, he’s criticized for NOT throwing an elbow.


  3. Darin says:

    Does Palin have a husband?
    We have got to take a look at him and size him up!
    Are her children good-looking ? And if not we can go after her for it!
    Let’s checked this Beauty Queen out fully!
    Oh, baby, we are going to have a field day !
    WoooHoooo !


  4. theExile says:

    As to:
    “Palin, who has more than a passing resemblance to Tina Fey,”
    Mr. Egan, there is no excuse for insulting Tina Fey, no matter how much you like the anti-women’s issues woman.


  5. Linda says:

    I don’t think I’ve screamed at anyone to go away, and I’ve been wondering how/why any woman who had been a Democrat and was for Hillary could decide to vote for McCain or even protest vote for a third party in this election where SCOTUS matters.
    I am still amazed that any older women suddenly are so offended or read into minor words or gestures by Obama or anyone all kinds of things that should be ignored in voting IMO–even if one still feels hurt or angry. Too much is at stake in this election for that. I am voting more than anything else about who picks the next nominees for the Supreme Court. And I wouldn’t want that to be either McCain or Palin because of the judges they would choose. It’s that simple.
    I can’t see why any woman would vote for her merely because she is a woman, and it’s time for a woman to be VP. I don’t think Republican women did that in 1984.
    But Palin will be interviewed in depth about her religious beliefs and about birth control, when life begins, if she believes abortion should be allowed for incest and rape, and if a woman already in her 40s with four kids has a right to decide that she and her husband don’t want a Down’s syndrome child. I think that is a personal choice. And some will be critical because she isn’t staying home with her child. Who knows what will emerge–maybe she is very worried about Russia as it’s close to Alaska and she really is from a climate that likes Cold War. Media will love this choice–so much to find out about her and so little time.
    Some of it to me is just the good theatre of elections, gives MSM. TV channels (except PBS and C-Span) and blogs something to write and talk about—as well as fun at lunch, parties, etc. So as theatrics, the election just switched from the Obama show to “Northern Exposure.”
    I do agree with WigWag about watching conventions on C-Span without all the chattering heads and forming my own opinions.
    I don’t think Palin has enough world experience or education or any other experience to be commander-in-chief or President. I really don’t expect much change, no matter who is elected. I just don’t want to see us change back to before Roe v. Wade.


  6. My Ears ! says:

    “I must say I’m sooo insulted ….. insulted, insulted, insulted ….. oh sooo insulted ….. oooh soooo insulted …”
    You sound like a broken record Kathleen … oh Gawd .. and now she’ll be pecking away again “Well I never!” and she’s gonna screech at us all again why she’s “ohh sooo insulted, (rahlly I am dahling), ohhh sooo insulted ……..”


  7. Tahoe Editor says:

    MICKEY KAUS: Mile High Letdown

    GORE: Obama is Lincoln incarnate.
    NOONAN (2005): There is nothing wrong with Barack Obama’s résumé, but it is a log-cabin-free zone.
    So far it also is a greatness-free zone. If he keeps talking about himself like this it always will be.

    This is so inspirational!
    What I See in Lincoln’s Eyes (TIME Magazine 2005) By Barack Obama,9171,1077287,00.html

    Palin is a reformer.
    Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn: “Let me tell you something. When it comes to experience, if you’re going to give me the choice between a man who has run a committee in the U.S. Senate, or a woman who has been a wife, a mother, a businesswoman, a PTA chairman, a mayor and a governor, I’m going to take the experience that that woman has, because of this: It is more well-rounded. She has more life skills. Leadership is a transferable commodity, and women are experts at that. They build leadership skills through so many different areas of their life. They’re not single-focused. And if you’re going to give the American people the opportunity to get someone who has a wealth of leadership experiences from many different platforms in their life and many different disciplines — or give them the opportunity to have someone who has been a chairman and a ranking member of a committee in the U.S. Senate, I think the American are going to speak out and that that woman who has a wealth of experience.”
    The more the media equates the BOTTOM of the GOP ticket with the TOP of the DEM ticket, the more the Dems lose.


  8. Kathleen says:

    Steve….great picture of Hillary putting BO over the top snd the screen with the tally…she sure was a class act…when it comes to being a magnaimous loser, she takes the cake….and could teach ‘”the boys'” a thing or two in that department…if only BO had been a more magnanimous winner….I’m still reacting to the Veep headfake….
    My son, whose birthday is the same as yours, wanted Hillary because she promised to stop the Federal raids on medical marijuana stores…he kept sending me articles about it….I wonder where BO stands on that one…is he staying as far away from it as he does from Muslims?
    WigWag…what are you smoking??? You pulled a switcherooo


  9. Kathleen says:

    Instead of responding to the statement, his gesture was dismissive… a picture’s worth a thousnad words, etc. …in any case the issue is what Geraldine Ferraro thinks, not me… and she complained about it on t.v….in any case, she’s a good soldier so she likeoly won’t cross over vote, I don’t expect her to gush over BO….


  10. Sweetness says:

    “:inda… Gerladine Ferraro was highy offended by BO’s dismissive
    gesture toward Hillary when he brushed off his shoulder in
    response to one of her statements…she thought it was really
    insulting to Hillary… I do tooo”
    Huh? That gesture was in RESPONSE to a dismissive statement
    made toward HIM. C’mon!


  11. Kathleen says:

    Linda… Gerladine Ferraro was highy offended by BO’s dismissive gesture toward Hillary when he brushed off his shoulder in response to one of her statements…she thought it was really insulting to Hillary… I do tooo…Hillary campaigned for him in Illinois…in my family, that’s not how one repays a kindness…it’s unacceptable manners….Dems women may grudgingly get with the program, but don’t exoect more of them than you do of yourself…don’t expect them to be all bushy tailed after you’ve been screaming at them to go away….be careful what you wish for…you might get it in spades….


  12. questions says:

    And Palin’s a creationist to boot! Gotta ask her at the debate if she’s a young earth creationist or not; what she makes of fossils; whether or not people used to ride dinosaurs…. A towering intellect for the Repubs! But maybe they can stick to her policy towards Georgia or nuclear proliferation (she says “nucular”). I’m sure she’s thought through these issues given that she’ll be a heartbeat away!
    Beauty and the Beast?!!
    WigWag — huh???


  13. c says:

    Oh! Miss Wiggy ! I read your post over and over and you really really do love him ! You really do, Miss Wiggy ! Here’s my song for Barack, and you can share it with me. I just know you will just love it.
    Oh, and please Miss Wiggy don’t be mean to Mr. Pissed, he’s a very nice man who is only a little grumpy. Hi, Mr. Pissed !
    Bye Miss Wiggy. You will play our song for Barack over and over, I just know you will. Byee.


  14. Bil says:

    Apologies, I forgot to add that McCain WOULD be taller but he was
    a POW.


  15. Bil says:

    Palin, Goddess bless her, is in the camp of women who give up
    womens’ right to choose at the moment of conception.
    That is not going to steal any Democrat or Independent votes.
    I believe the bikini beauty queen pictures (when found) WILL get
    some votes.
    As a bonus she makes McSame look almost tall at his reported
    5″7″, which means 5’5″.


  16. Kathleen says:

    Game-Changer…One Upmanship just got a sex change….I’m voting for the first Green President.


  17. karenk says:

    Palin is anti choice-shes one of those who think its OK for the govt to come with a woman to the gynecologists office to nosey in on her personal bodily decisions! I consider myself a feminist. Its not just whether or not a candidate is female that counts but what his/her attitudes and stand on issues that affect women are that ultimately count most. Palin would never get my vote.


  18. Carroll says:

    I have been reading up on Palin, McCain picked a ‘real’ mavrick.
    I sort of like her even though I don’t agree with some of her postions.
    I read her bio and a dozen articles about her in her local papers and some national papers. She has a history of giving the good old party boys the finger and doing it her own way. That is good.
    She went against the corrupt oil guys in Alaska. That is also good. Evidently her anti corruption stand has worked for her in Alaska.
    Biden= old establishment
    Palin= female mavrick
    Foiled again!
    The Obama change party just got trumped by the GOP change party. Although the chances of either one of them being change are slim to none.
    It’s going to be even more interesting. I can see Palin appealing to a lot of female voters.


  19. WigWag says:

    I thought Barack Obama did a tremendous job last evening. As always his speech was superbly crafted, eloquently delivered and extraordinarily substantive. The crowd was wildly enthusiastic, and I was particularly impressed with how attentive they were to every word. One thing was abundantly clear; the Democrats in that stadium were united, really united. Whether they came to Denver committed to Obama, pledged to Clinton or even supporting one of the lesser candidates, they joined John Legend and sang Obama’s new theme song, “Yes I Can” with vigor and enthusiasm that can most properly be compared to make up sex.
    I watched the Democratic Convention gavel to gavel. The only way to do that was to watch it on C-SPAN or Cable and I went back and forth between the two. Of the cable channels, I mostly watched CNN. The anchors on MSNBC spent too much time bickering with each and other and threatening to get the other guy fired. The hostility made me wince. And FOX news kept interrupting the convention coverage for amber alert reports from all over the country. Frankly, that was just too distracting.
    My family was surprised that I was so diligent about watching the convention. To be honest, going into it, I was a little depressed. My candidate lost and I was feeling dejected. I watched, hoping against hope, that issues that were important to me would be emphasized. I was not disappointed. But the truth is that while I watched with my brain, I wanted to watch with my heart. I’m not embarrassed to admit it, I was jealous of Obama supporters. I wanted to feel the magic. I wanted my spine to tingle. I wanted to look into the Senator’s eyes, just like his supporters, and see his soul.
    It just didn’t make any sense to me why I couldn’t get with the program. I’ve always thought of myself as a decent person. I’m no Mother Theresa but I’ve always tried to live an ethical life. Frustrated, frightened, hurting, I turned to the Bible. I’m no religious fanatic, but I know friends and family who have found comfort in scripture so I figured I would try it myself. The Story of Jonah and the Whale seemed strangely comforting. I prayed to be disgorged from the whale of my own ignorance. I prayed to reach Nineveh. The Book of Job resonated with me. No matter how hard he tried, no matter how pious Job was, he could not escape his afflictions and neither could I. I just couldn’t feel the magic.
    But it was the Book of Revelations that really made me nervous. As I reflected on the end times, I wondered, would I be left behind? A vision appeared to me of the elect ascending physically to heaven while their less worthy brethren watched in horror, contemplating the Armageddon to come. So many of my fellow Democrats had seen the light, why I wondered was I being left behind.
    The first night of the Convention didn’t do too much for me. Michelle Obama gave a nice speech and I loved that video of her compelling life story. And wow, are her and Barack’s daughters cute or what? I’ve always been a big fan of Senator Kennedy. His speech was courageous and well delivered. The video of him sailing with his family on his yacht was particularly compelling. James Carville may have complained on CNN that there wasn’t enough substance that first night, but all those films of everyone’s life story helped me understand why I’m a Democrat. But still, I didn’t feel the magic.
    I went into the second night of the Convention much more optimistically. I was sure, that if I really worked at, if I really paid close attention, I would feel the earth move. After all, the second night was Hillary’s night. She was radiant, she was eloquent, she was direct and she was forceful. I couldn’t have asked for more. And her endorsement of Senator Obama was unambiguous and fervent. After she finished, I closed my eyes and kept repeating to myself, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” But I just fell asleep. And believe it or not, I had a nightmare. In my dream, Hillary kept saying over and over again, “McCain has a lifetime of experience to bring to the White House; Barack Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.” When I awoke in the morning, I wasn’t born again.
    Even though the convention was half over at this point, I still didn’t give up hope. After all, on night three, the Big Dawg himself was speaking. As usual, Bill’s speech was unbelievable. He was funny, he was relaxed, he was emphatic and his endorsement of Obama was even more enthusiastic than Hillary’s. When he finished, I began to feel something but I wasn’t sure what. And then Biden came on the stage. His speech was so stirring, his personal story so compelling, his mother and wife so beautiful, his son so handsome and courageous, that I was sure that I was getting close to the epiphany I craved for so longingly. As the night came to an end I closed my eyes and repeated to myself “Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can.” But again, I fell asleep and again I had a nightmare. In my dream I heard the Big Dawg saying over and over “he’s a roll of the dice, he’s a roll of the dice, he’s a roll of the dice.” When I awoke in the morning, I’m sorry to say, I felt nothing. I was empty
    I knew I had only one more chance. I turned on the television on Thursday evening with trepidation. But the more I watched, the more optimistic I became. After all, this was Barack’s night. Sheryl Crow set the tone and Stevie Wonder energized the stadium. I said to myself, “if Sheryl and Stevie can come to Barack, I can too.” Al Gore was riveting. When he compared Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln, I knew that the Senator would not only be a great President, I knew that he would be the greatest President.
    I felt myself getting closer and closer. You know what I mean! I broke into a sweat. My heart began to pound. I became flushed. And a short time later, Barack Obama appeared. By then, it didn’t matter what he said. I tried to listen carefully, but frankly, I can’t remember a word. My head was spinning too much. I remember thinking, “thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord…” I’m not sure, but I think Wolf Blitzer and Keith Olbermann were chanting the same thing with me in unison. I went to my window, I opened it up, I tore up my PUMA membership card. I looked around and lo and behold, thousands of women were at their windows, doing the same thing.
    And then it happened. Sweet surrender!
    A nation healed, a world repaired!
    I saw a light shine down. It lit upon me. And I said to myself, I have to vote for Barack.
    Senator Obama had transcended transcendence. And so had I.


  20. beno says:

    John McCain just jumped the shark.


  21. Linda says:

    And for those who thought Maureen Dowd went a bit too far with Hillary, I can’t wait to see her columns about Sarah!!


  22. Mr.Murder says:

    Looks like John McChange is a step ahead of the game.


  23. questions says:

    How many memes did McCain just slay?
    Experience (she’s 2 years a gov)
    Corruption/Hunter Biden — she fired a trooper who wouldn’t fire her former brother-in-law
    Race/Gender — either way the White House is not an all white all male bastion — it gets easier for certain dems to back Obama when the Reps offer something like change as well
    Bizarre pictures — she was a beauty queen — I’m guessing the bikini shots and “I just want to work to ensure that in America, we can drill for oil anywhere” speeches must be available somewhere
    Her husband is Inuit, so any interracial stuff gets nixed instantly
    What do the Republicans have left to offer? So strongly anti-choice that any woman for whom this is an issue at all will have to pause. McCain is old enough that his making it through the first term in healthy fashion is not a given and she might actually have to take over…. She’s younger than Obama by a few years!
    And if SOMEhow the Reps manage to sneak in, the fact is that the White House is now no longer officially a white male space!


  24. Bartolo says:

    Palin? Is Michael Palin even a citizen??


  25. EA says:

    McCain chooses Palin.


  26. Bil says:

    McSame’s ONLY hope now that he somehow escaped having to pick
    Willard who he reportedly loathes.
    It will be interesting, but I think too freaky for the grand ole party
    But when Biden bites her head off in the debate they WILL get a
    sympathy vote. Maybe they can find a better place to hide Bush’s
    debate box/mic on her?


  27. Linda says:

    It seems to be that GOP is only 24 years behind Democrats on this choice. I do believe Geraldine Ferraro is supporting the Democratic ticket. Has she ever been out of Alaska? And does she pass the Commander-in-Chief test?


  28. Spunkmeyer says:

    Very shrewd move by McCain to pick Palin for VP. Will peel away
    some of the PUMA folk by virtue of gender alone.


  29. JohnH says:

    My Republican VP pick–a White, Old, Rich Man (WORM). Washington is full of them. A sure sign of the advanced decay that has set in.


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