TERRORISM SALON: Greg Djerejian on Questions of Military Strategy



(Greg Djerejian is a financial services professional and publishes the popular blog The Belgravia Dispatch) In regards to Stephanie’s answer to the second prompt, she writes: It is time to put the myth of the pre-9/11 mindset to rest… with which I think I mostly concur–save with some reservations about the level of attention both…

TERRORISM SALON: Stephanie Kaplan on the Myth of the Pre-9/11 Mindset



(Stephanie Kaplan is a Visiting Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center). I agree with Matt that the notion that U.S. counterterrorism policy is largely under the purview of the military is a false one. It relates, I think, to the partisan charge that the Democrats possess a “pre-9/11 mindset” when it comes to counterterrorism….