<em>Guest Post by Mindy Kotler</em>: Rocks of Contention


Mindy Kotler is director of Asia Policy Point, a Washington research center that provides objective information on East Asia to the policy community. Among the many obstacles hindering success at the Six-Party Talks to denuclearlize the Korean peninsula are the ingrained animosities between Japan and South Korea.

TERRORISM SALON: Matthew Levitt on Al Qaeda’s Multi-Pronged Threat



(Matthew Levitt is a Senior fellow and Director of the Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy). I do not think we are concentrating too much on terrorism, it legitimately belongs at the very top of the list of national security threats we face today.

TERRORISM SALON: Prompt #3 — Terrorism as a National Security Priority?



Is there a chance that we are concentrating too much on terrorism? If so, how have some of the policy trade-offs manifested themselves? Should the next president de-emphasize terrorism relative to other national security priorities? — Steve Clemons This week long terrorism salon will continue to be hosted by The Washington Note and UN Dispatch.