TERRORISM SALON: Prompt #2 on Law Enforcement vs. Military Roles


It seems that counter-terrorism responsibility has fallen mainly under the purview of the military. Are there advantages, though, of limiting the military’s role in counter-terrorism and treating it more as a law enforcement issue? Are our laws–or international law–capable of meeting the challenges posed by international terrorism? Are there specific legal reforms that might benefit law enforcement without sacrificing on civil liberties? And if the military is going to take the lead, how should our service branches reform to meet these new challenges?
— Steve Clemons
This week long terrorism salon will continue to be hosted by The Washington Note and UN Dispatch.


One comment on “TERRORISM SALON: Prompt #2 on Law Enforcement vs. Military Roles

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    After action reports from the CLinton era that were intentionally reclassified to delay their disclosure could tell you the full picture.
    So much for that experience being of use, we’ve got a narrative to run instead.


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