Are There Some Terrorists that are OK by Lieberman? A Call for Senator Lieberman to Recant


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Perhaps Senator Joe Lieberman wasn’t totally clued in to the crowd he was hanging with, but on July 20th, he agreed to carry to President Bush a “pardon request” for a convicted terrorist that the FBI prosecuted and sent to prison for terror activities aimed against Cuba.
Watch this video (the key part I’m interested in is at about 3 min 30 sec):

What he said was:

It’s my responsibility, it’s my responsibility. I will carry it [the pardon request] back. I will carry it back. Yeah. I feel…I think of you like you were my family…. I’ll bring it back. I’ll do my best.

My colleague Patrick Doherty has more — as does Lexington Institute (and Republican stalwart) Phil Peters who first surfaced this story.
One of the characteristics of real states is that they maintain “a monopoly on the use of force”. This is one of our key problems with the Palestinian authority which has been unable to control the variant wings of violent factions within its territories.
But the anti-Castro, violent militias that have set up and trained in Florida over the years for a hoped for invasion of Cuba violate America’s responsibilities to maintain control over militant groups based inside the United States. In fact, the U.S. Southern Command has simulated many war games that posit Fidel Castro’s death triggering a Cuba-directed invasion flotilla of many hundreds of small craft filled with anti-Castro violent agitants
Lieberman may not care that the FBI prosecuted and jailed the terrorist in question, but the US military that he so often speaks in reverential terms about has its own concerns about the brand of radical extremists Joe Lieberman may want to see pardoned
I don’t want to take this criticism of Senator Lieberman too far and want to offer him a chance to recant and take it back. He can’t possibly have been endorsing the release of an FBI convicted felon engaged in terrorism!
Or does Joe Lieberman’s book allow for this sort of thing?
I still don’t believe Lieberman knew what was going on here. I sat next to Lieberman recently at a State Department awards ceremony for Max Kampelman — who actually is a great American in many ways and deserved his medal — but I can’t imagine for a second that Kampelman would have endorsed the gesture that Lieberman offered in the video.
Here’s hoping that Senator Lieberman walks this back.
— Steve Clemons


14 comments on “Are There Some Terrorists that are OK by Lieberman? A Call for Senator Lieberman to Recant

  1. Kathleen says:

    lee the people…. are you from Stamford?


  2. lee the people says:

    he’s an old momma’s boy. he’s weird anyway with remarks. a career politician, he doesn’t really work for a living. he still has to seek the advice of his old mother. for a white guy.


  3. don says:

    Olbermann’s worst-person-of-the-day award goes to —


  4. pauline says:

    Liarman’s doing a great job fighting terrorism.
    Once they noticed his shaggy bleached ‘do, they all fell down in fear some aliens had landed.
    Gore never knew what a great, bodacious fighter he picked as a mate!


  5. Carroll says:

    Then there’s this.
    “Funding for free Cuba is frozen
    Money destined for Cuba democracy programs has been frozen following charges of massive fraud”.
    Posted on Tue, Jul. 22, 2008
    Congress has put the U.S. Agency for International Development’s $45 million Cuba program’s 2008 funding on hold, following a series of troubling audits and cases of massive fraud, The Miami Herald has learned.
    In a quest to get the funding hold lifted, U.S. AID on Friday ordered a bottoms-up review of all its Cuba democracy programs and suspended a Miami anti-Castro exile group that spent at least $11,000 of federal grant money on personal items.
    ..ordered a hold on the U.S. AID Cuba program funding last month, in part in response to a $500,000 embezzlement at the Center for a Free Cuba in Washington disclosed earlier this year, federal officials said.
    Calling Grover Norquist…you want to shrink government? Then put the exile groups and the foreign lobbies in a bathtub and drown them please.
    BTW these “exiles” have been carrying out terrorism on US soil for decades. They killed the editor of a Miami newspaper with car bomb back in the eighties.
    Wur on terriers my a**.


  6. Carroll says:

    Lieberman never met a terrorist he didn’t want to encourage…terrorist give meaning to his life.
    I am not surprised.


  7. Rebecca Pollak says:

    Hadassah must be so ashamed of him.


  8. Mr.Murder says:

    Local town here had a rash of home invasions by teenagers armed with handguns.
    Up to seven break ins a night. They started hitting businesses too. Fast food joints, car dealerships, Family Dollar, etc.
    But crime has gone down! One wonderful side effect of the four hundred percent increase in gas. No cops can afford to drive around on patrol, so fewer community presence means fewer arrests, which of course means crime is going down!
    It’s a regular surgetopia. Not long before someone gets an Acadamey for doing teir best John Wayne. They took 19 firearms from one house alone. Eventually one of those guys will answer the door the old fashioned way, and ask those guys if they feel lucky, well do they?


  9. pauline says:

    When asked if Liarman would come speak at the repub convention, here’s an exchange last weekend —
    WALLACE: . . .are you going to speak at the Republican Convention?
    LIEBERMAN: Uh, I don’t know yet.
    WALLACE: If you’re asked, will you?
    LIEBERMAN: If John asks me, and he thinks I can help him, because I believe this is no ordinary time, no ordinary election, John McCain is no ordinary candidate. . .I’m not going to go to attack Barack Obama. I’m going to go to explain why I as an Independent Democrat am supporting John McCain, hoping that I can convince other Independents and Democrats to join me in choosing the man who is clearly more ready to be the President America needs today.
    WALLACE: Even if that means the Senate Democrats would kick you out of their caucus?
    LIEBERMAN: Well, I’m following the model of John McCain. I’m going to do what I think is right. . .
    Everyday Liarman’s excuses for being an “Independent Democrat” get less and less plausible. btw, what is an independent democrat?


  10. ... says:

    anyone who even bothers to think about talking some sense into liarman is wasting their time..


  11. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Take a midnight stroll in South Eastern Bakersfield, Pacoima, or East Los Angeles if you wanna find out what “terrorism” is.
    Gang bangin’; the job Americans refuse to do.


  12. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I saw this piece of shit Lieberman the other night on C-SPAN telling T. Boone Pickens that we all could learn from Picken’s statement that he is “an oilman, but first, an American”.
    Funny that this turn coat little pissant lackey for Israel, Lieberman, should actually have the gall to talk about placing America first. He must think we’re all idiots. In my opinion, we could count the true patriots in Washington on one hand, and for sure Lieberman didn’t make the count. But on my other hand, I can find at least one finger I’d give him.


  13. JohnH says:

    Thanks for catching this, Steve.
    The whole discussion on the Challenges of International Terrorism is a perfect illustration of the sophistry that passes for scientific method in elite foreign policy circles.
    There is no universally agreed definition of terrorism, so there can be no consensus on who is a terrorist. Reagan defined Afghan jihadis as “freedom fighters;” the Soviet Union called them terrorists. Now America calls them terrorists. Luis Posada Carriles has been convicted in absentia of involvement in various terrorist attacks and plots in the Western hemisphere, including involvement in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people. Most would agree that blowing up a passenger jet containing a nation’s entire fencing team is an indisputable act of terrorism. Yet Posada Carriles whiles away his last years in America, protected from trial by a US government that is supposedly engaged in a “Global War on Terror.” I doubt that any of the terrorism experts on “Challenges” panel ever gave a second thought to including Posada Carriles as a subject in their studies.
    Clearly, being a terrorist is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore the only criterion for becoming a terrorist–the root cause, if you will–is offending some very, very powerful person. Part of the reason that a powerful person labels a person a terrorist is that the word is more emotionally charged than “criminal” or “law breaker.” Using the word “terrorist” makes propaganda more effective. The powerful person wants to thoroughly demonize and delegitimize the person, his cause, and anyone who might sympathize with his way of thinking.
    Those who claim to study the “root causes’ of terrorism are therefore engaged in a travesty. By studying a given set of “terrorists” they are implicitly accepting the powerful person’s propaganda and his notion du jour. Saddam was a friend before he was an terrorist. So was Manuel Noriega. Do these “scholars” change their study sample as quickly as the President changes his list of terrorists?
    A true study of the root causes of terrorism would start therefore with the mind of the powerful person and the reasons for his predilections. For some reason, that powerful person does not like how someone is behaving and sees a need to make an object lesson of him. The reasons could be ideological, political, or because of economic interest. (People convicted of environmental terrorism committed property crimes [destroyed automobiles] and injured no one-–not people you would normally lump together with Bin Laden.)
    A scientific investigation would then examine the mind of the “scholars” who have a need to buy into whatever the powerful person says and transform his prejudices into their phony scientific thinking. Such is the intellectual poverty of the “experts,” the sine non qua of becoming part of the foreign policy elite!!


  14. Mr.Murder says:

    School of the Americas has supposed to have taken that to heart and replaced these prima donna Don Juans. Those that justify a gangster lifetsyle under a banner of militant nationalism are cheap imitations of Al Capone.
    Apologies to the lady in question, but her son was planning irreconcilable harm to others. He can’t be allowed to be judge,jury,and execution of others without having justice weighed on his own freedom.


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