Checking In From the Caribbean


Thanks to my fellow TWN posters for covering the blog while I am on a vacation out of the United States.
I have stopped in Haiti, sailed by Cuba — where I really wanted to stop — and am in the Dominican Republic today.
I just got word that Chas Freeman has resigned as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, yielding to the attacks on him. This is unfortunate news as it is going to yield a new, long-running battle over what “patriotism” to US national interests means. Is loyalty to Israeli preferences and interests a litmus test for a political appointment?
This will be a big battle and while Freeman has been the first big victim in this struggle for the soul of American foreign policy, I suspect that there will be a slew of similar battles ahead and any Congressman or Senator who regularly puts Israel’s interests before American interests could be in for some rough times.
More later — back to learning what colonialism and slavery did to these islands.
— Steve Clemons


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