Guest Post by Oliver Lough: Asia’s Britain, Asia’s Canada…Asia’s Brussels?



“The Japanese,” writes Masaru Tamamoto, “are a people who endlessly and fruitly ask who they are.” If this is the case, then the dramatic re-shaping of their political landscape has provided the Japanese (and everybody else) a rich new opportunity to indulge in their national pastime. The country’s new prime minister Yokio Hatoyama (a.k.a.

Flynt Leverett and Dan Drezner “Debate” Whether A Grand Bargain With Iran Is Possible



Last week, Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett penned a New York Times op-ed advocating for a robust effort to achieve a “grand bargain” with the Iranians, rather than continuing down the Bush-Obama path of “containment.

Sensible Foreign Policy Players Move UP: David Huebner to New Zealand; Christian Brose to McCain Staff



(photo: Matthew Waxman, Walter Pincus, Dana Priest, and Christian Brose; photo credit: Steve Clemons) My good friend and occasional intellectual jousting mate, Christian Brose, is leaving Foreign Policy magazine and becoming Senator John McCain‘s senior foreign policy adviser.

Imposing More Sanctions On Iran Will Not Work



(Photo Credit: White House) Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are insisting that if only Congress could dream up better and more effective sanctions to squeeze Iran and get Russia and China to go along, then the Iranian nuclear problem would go away. This is nonsense.