National Security Advisor Jim Jones on Israel-US Relations and Middle East Peace



General Jim Jones, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, addresses J Street’s first national conference from Isaac Luria on Vimeo. National Security Adviser Jim Jones emphasizes the importance of getting beyond the status quo in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Interviewing Khaled Meshal on Palestine, Goldstone, International Law and Israel Peace Process



On the 17th of October this year, I interviewed Hamas leader Khaled Mashal in his offices in Damascus, Syria on a wide range of topics. I did the interview as part of a launch effort for a new political blog, The Palestine Note, which is releasing the interview today.

U.N. Vote to Condemn (Obama’s?) Embargo on Cuba



This is a guest note by Sarah Stephens, Director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas On October 28th, the United Nations General Assembly is expected to vote on a resolution condemning the United States embargo against Cuba. If past is prologue, it will pass resoundingly.

A Look at a National Security State: Interview with “Enemies of the People” Author Kati Marton



I am really enjoying journalist Kati Marton’s new book — an expose on her own family — titled Enemies of the People: My Family’s Journey to America. The book is a poignant red flag for what people, seemingly decent citizens, can do to each other in a paranoid national security state.