Obama is No FDR (yet) and Needs to Read up on Hamilton



Here is a brilliant take by James Pinkerton in a special Politico online forum on the failings of the Obama administration so far when it comes to turning this economy around: Obviously the “stimulus” was a a dud–and the rate that things are going, the next “stimulus,” too, will be a dud.

Guest Post by Katherine Tiedemann: Attack of the Drones, Part 25



Katherine Tiedemann is a Policy Analyst at the New America Foundation. The drone wars continue. This morning’s Predator strike in Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud’s hometown of Makeen, South Waziristan is the 25th this year (compared to six this time last year), and the fourth in the last two weeks to target Mehsud.

Update on Honduras



On Saturday the Organization of American States (OAS) withdrew Honduras’ participation rights citing their breach of the Inter-American Democratic Charter as the basis for this decision. The charter insists that all member nations abide by democratic principles and outlines repercussions for “unconstitutional interruption of the democratic order”.

Conflict Brewing Over the Burqa in France



In the two weeks since French President Nicholas Sarkozy condemned the all-enveloping burqa or niqab garment as a sign of the “subjugation” and “debasement” of women, words have flown in France as well as Britain and the United States about the proper extent of religious practice in public.

A Provocation from James Pinkerton: Why the Health Care Debate Is Boring — And How to Make It Interesting!



This is a guest note, exclusive to The Washington Note, by James P. Pinkerton — a contributor to the Fox News Channel and policy blogger. Pinkerton is also fellow at the New America Foundation, and contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine.